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Get Migration Permit for Australia, Know How to Do It

As per some immigration observers, Australia holds the Number 1 position amongst the many leading immigration destinations of the globe, what with millions of people applying for Australian visas every year from across the globe. Most of the overseas immigration motivated people want to be a part of this developed global economy to make their life relatively easy, comfortable and wealthy.

Many candidates visit the nation to enjoy its wonderful tourist spots, and/or meet family members or close friends. Some visit the nation for medical or health reasons while many others make a trip to the country to get quality education at some of the best educational centres in the world. All these people seek and get a valid migration permit to Australia for the purpose.

Skilled Migrant Visa is one of the most valuable visas which facilitate hassle-free entry to the Kangaroo Land. In other words, the applicant’s unique skills help him in grabbing the entry to Down Under with these permits. These visas give the opportunity of higher growth and development in Oz. The nominated skill should be covered under the heading of SOL (Skilled Occupation List). Under this scheme, the aspirant is judged upon his educational qualifications, employment experience, age, language skills, and his ability of adjusting in the nation.

Subclass 189 is another migration permit to Australia. It is basically a Skilled Independent Visa which is totally based on the point system. The permit allows the aspiring migrants to live and work permanently in the Kangaroo Land without the requirement of any sponsor. He enjoys the freedom of bringing his family and deponents to the nation even as they also enjoy the same rights as enjoyed by the migrant.

The applicant has to submit an application mentioning his skills. If the concerned visa and immigration authorities find the skill selected by the applicant is wanted in the Kangaroo Land, his chances of getting selected become high. The aspirant’s age should not be more than 50 years and he ought to posses English language skills. The pass marks score for applying under this subclass is 60 points.

Apart from the Subclass 189 there is yet another highly useful visa for the Australia immigration motivated candidates and that is the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa. Besides meeting the necessary requirements of the Subclass Visa 189, the applicant has to additionally meet the necessities of health and character requirements.

Point based skilled migration is essentially meant for the candidates who are either sponsored by the state or by a relative who is a resident of the Kangaroo Land. The validity of the visa is for 4 years, even as the candidate should have lived and worked in the country during this period.

Under all these permit classes it is essential that the aspirant selects his skills under SkillSelect where upon he will be invited to lodge an application. The application must be accompanied with the relevant proof of the information/details submitted with the visa application.

As per some latest updates, at the present, Australia is battling the shortage of professionals from various vocations. Skilled candidates are seriously wanted in the country even as the concerned body, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), is more than ready to proffer migration permits for Australia to trained aspirants provided, of course, if they fulfill the basic requirements.

For instance currently, qualified migrants who wish to make their career in old age care centers, are welcome in the country. Australia is facing the problem of aged population and decreased workforce to take care of its old and diseased people. Therefore, those who are eager to get a migration permit for Australia would do well to move ahead in a rather proper and methodical manner.

As mentioned before, the DIBP is more than eager to give a red-carpet welcome to the qualified applicants. Trained aspirants get a Skilled Worker Permit for Australia; begin the visa and immigration procedure to the world famous immigration hotspot NOW!

Does the Concept of Immigration to Australia from India Inspire You

Australia—the Land of Endless Opportunities—as it is too well known, offers many rewarding and well-paying immigration opportunities to the Indian immigrants and to the migrants from other parts of the globe also. Indians, by and large, are known the world over for their high professional skills even as the country is the second home for millions of the Indian immigrants. Also known as a ‘Down Under’, Australia–the country of crystal-clear sea beaches–offers them arguably best employment opportunities as per their particular proficiency levels.

Since ages, the immigration hotspot has been the dream destination for the immigrants from practically every corner of world and India. Irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion, age–and on the basis of the specific education and experience of the candidates—Oz offers something or the other to everyone.

In India, the concerned Australia visa and immigration body, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), processes the visa applications, at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. Immigration to Australia from India is not an easy task, and it requires accuracy and a lot of paper work although the aspirants from this part of the globe have many good options to choose from.

For those who came in late, the country follows the popular and well-known Point System where the applicants are awarded points, on the basis of their language skills, qualifications, age, and arranged job, not to mention work experience. It is compulsory to score 60 points, out of 100 points up for grabs. Additionally, the candidates may obtain immigration permit through Humanitarian programs and Australian Family Migration.

Aspirants–who are Masters in their respective field, and who posses language proficiency, are above 18 years and below 45 years of age, and also possess the required demonstrated work experience–may get an immigration permit, via the country’s renowned General Skilled Migration (GSM) Scheme. It is also necessary that their occupation is mentioned on the country’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and/or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL).

All professional occupations come under the single window that is Federal, Regional and Employer sponsorship. Under this, you have to create an electronic profile, i.e., the Expression of Interest (EOI), but before that, you need to meet the following preliminaries:

Spot the occupation mentioned on the Australian occupation lists.

Post identifying the appropriate profession–and in order to establish the validity of your professional profile– you must get your professional and academic and credentials duly evaluated from an authorized evaluation agency in India.
Meet the language proficiency as per the desired Australian standards through the designated language examine, such as the IELTS or the TOEFL.

How to process Australian immigration from India!

The applicants from this part of the world can submit their complete application directly to the Australian High Commission located in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi. In order to file the petition in person, you need to take an appointment. To make the job relatively easier, the aspirants may also consult and get professional services from an immigration expert dealing with Australia immigration. It is not mandatory though.

These experts will not only assist them but also provide much needed advice and experience guidance on the immigration procedure and suggest them about the best suited permit as per their particular needs and requirements. Simultaneously, they will advise how to file for immigration to their dream immigration destination.

Experience and the available data clearly show that those applicants have done relatively well who have used the professional services of immigration experts, especially those who are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and who also meet the registration requirements in India. So use the expert services of only these agents! Be ‘on the safer side’; migrate to Oz without facing any difficulties or headaches!

Wish to Know How Has Immigration Benefited Australia

The world famous immigration destination of Australia has a very long history of immigration. A study reports that the nation is made up of inhabitants from almost every country on the earth creating a multi cultural society with diverse linguistic, social and cultural abilities. Today, one in four people staying in ‘Down Under’ was born out-of-the-country.

The sixth largest country in the world is the center of attraction for years. Officially identified as the ‘Commonwealth of Australia’, it has a rich history of quality yet modern lifestyle, well developed infrastructure, competitive job opportunities, and renowned and well developed sectors, like education and health along with social benefits that continuously attract people from almost every corner of the world.

How has Immigration benefited Australia?

Yes, the process of immigration has largely benefited Oz in many ways. Immigrants have largely contributed towards the country’s development and economic prosperity. Since time immoral, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, faces the shortage of skilled professionals. Immigrants have met the shortage of manpower, skilled professionals and have brought capital to the country.

Immigrants with high demands and dreams have been behind new technological inventions and largely contributed towards the country’s national growth and also opened new avenues for business ventures. Immigrants settled in Australia pay more in tax as compared to various services they utilize in the country. Therefore, they generate more surpluses for the Australia society as a whole.

Some of the facts that states how has Immigration benefited Australia are as follow:

Economic benefits: Visitors contribute to the national economy in many ways. These migrants have the required skills and experience to pass on to domestic labor force. They invest in business and produce more goods and services. Skilled immigrants help in the expansion of many government sectors, like education and health. Additionally, immigrants are the ones who pay heavy taxes. A recent research proves that immigrants contribute more in taxes than they actually consume in benefits and government goods and services.

Cultural Diversity: Immigrants from across the world create a cultural diversity. They open a completely new array of new opportunities, in terms of education, trade and investment, to name a few. Thanks to them, the country has made an excellent progress and certainly. There are many benefits attached to it.

Trade Links: It is the fact that the aliens from some specific countries along with them bring more opportunities of foreign investment, in terms of business and investment. Most of the times new avenues of business opportunities are opened, and it creates more and more employment opportunities for the local citizens.

Conclusion: Prior to the World War II, Australia had a relatively small and under-developed economy as compared to the equally large nations of the world. But with time and the increase in skilled immigrants the Australian economy has now a strong economic voice and the immigration experts believe that the new immigrants to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ will continue to contribute towards the benefits of previous immigrants helping to grow the country’s national economy.

Attention 4011 University Professors and Lecturers! Get Canada PR Migration Services

It’s now well known that the demand of skilled University Professors and Lecturers is much high in Canada at the present. Trained aspirants can migrate to the nation using the Code 4011. Getting a PR Visa for Canada is recommended. But you need to get professional PR migration services in order to render your professional services in the country, on a permanent basis.

But why seek and get a PR Visa? Well, in the country, permanent residents can live and work indefinitely but they remain the citizens of their native countries. If you travel outside Canada, the Permanent Resident Card is your proof that you are a permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country.

You will need this card to re-enter the country. Coming back to the question, as a permanent resident, you can enjoy the social rights enjoyed by the Canadian citizens, like; for instance, healthcare benefits, live and work anywhere in Canada, apply for Canadian citizenship, and also get protection under the Canadian law.

As a permanent resident, it is essential that you live in Canada for a fixed period of two years in a five years period–and if you live outside the nation for a longer period–you may lose your permanent resident status. If, as a permanent resident, you have lived in Canada for maximum three years, then you can successfully submit an application for Canadian citizenship.

PR Benefits

Now let’s take a look at the PR Visa advantages in detail! Following are the benefits, post migration University Professors and Lecturers – 4011 enjoy under the PR Permit for rending their professional Services:

I. Unrestricted and indefinite residency option and bright prospects of future Canadian citizenship.

II. Freedom to live and work anywhere within Canadian province/territory.

III. Applicant, along with his family members, gets an opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living and access world class social benefits.

IV. You may take a trip to the US on the existing permit.

V. Kids of the aspirants benefit from subsidized education till the University level.

VI. Candidate can make use of Canadian financial and banking system for the expansion of his business operations or make personal use.

VII. He can take advantage of NAFTA and advance his business in North America as well.

VIII. Candidates can access the financed and well developed medical facilities for his family members.

It’s a known fact that obtaining a PR visa is not any easy task. Many professional consultants offer their services to help you live your dream in reality. They technically evaluate the credentials of the applicants who want to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country. Although, it’s not mandatory to consult one, but an expertise help always prove beneficial in long term.

Key Duties

Once you have obtained a PR Permit and migrate to Canada under the code 4011, you are expected to perform the tasks:

I. Teach one or more subjects to undergraduate as well as graduate students.

II. Get ready and deliver lectures to students and carry out laboratory sessions.

III. Direct and grade examines and laboratory assignments.

IV. Give advice to students on course and career decisions.

V. Direct research schemes of the graduate students and advise on the research issues.

VI. Represent their college/university as speakers or guest lecturers.

Attention everyone, some of the areas where you occupation is in demand is Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Edmonton, Halifax and Moncton etc! So what are you waiting for? Since the future prospects of these professionals are bright in Canada the time seems to be just ideal for you. Kick start you migration process at the earliest. And before one forgets, seek and get professional PR migration services from skilled & experienced advisers. Boost your chances of being accepted for a PR Permit.

Making Most of Denmark Immigration Positive List 2014

The ‘Happiest Country in the world’, Denmark, is the most popular Nordic country in Northern Europe. Thanks to its quality lifestyle, it is the favorite country amongst the migrants. The country has the highest per capita income worldwide and offers excellent career opportunities for foreign nationals. In order to live and work in the ‘happiest country’ you are required to obtain a work permit.

This beautiful Nordic country–like many other countries–currently faces a serious shortage of professionals in many occupations. The country maintains a list of shortage occupations known as the ‘Positive List’. If you have an appointment letter, or a written job contract from a Danish employer in an occupation mentioned on the Positive List, then are entitled to obtain a work and residence permit as per the Denmark Immigration Positive List 2014. The scheme is also valid for applicants who have applied for asylum in the country.

Denmark Immigration Positive List 2014

Under the positive list scheme, work and residence permit can be obtained for up to three years with a possibility of extension of up to four years. As per the Positive List, you can still live and work in the nation if your chosen occupation is no longer mentioned on the List while you apply for an extension to your permit.

The Denmark Positive List is broken into various fields such as:

  • Management
  • Freight Forwarding, Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation.
  • Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  • Education and tuition
  • Construction
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Sales, Purchases and Marketing
  • Health, Healthcare and Personal Care
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen, Canteen

Academic Work such as accountant, project management, Geologist, engineering occupations, IT consultants,  lawyers, nurses, doctors and other professional occupations

Family Members

If you have obtained a work and residence permit, under the Denmark Positive List, then you can bring along your immediate family members to the nation. Children under the age of 18 are also eligible for residence permits. Till the time your resident permit is valid, your spouse or partner would be eligible to work for the entire period.


  • The chosen occupation should be mentioned on the Positive List schem
  • The applicant should posses an appointment letter or a written job contract that specifies his employment, salary and terms conditions.
  • The candidate’s salary and terms and conditions of employment should be compatible as per employment standards of Denmark.
  • A minimum level of education is required which is a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institute or university.
  • At times, an authorization from the authorities or state governing bodies of Denmark is required in order to apply for a Danish residence.

Denmark is one of the best Nordic countries to live and work, and if at any given time it is found that you are working illegally there in, you may be deported to your native country permanently and the employer as well as the migrant may also be imprisoned or fined.

More Information Visit Here:-

Visitors to Australia Grab 95% of Fresh Occupations

As many as 400,000 new jobs were produced in the national economy of the Kangaroo Land since 2011 even as migrants–who poured in the nation since the given year–took a staggering 95% of the total, and 380,000 of them, claims a news report based on a study.

The report adds that net immigration into Down Under runs at close-to 240,000 every year, the way the same has done for a few years. The stage was fixed at some point in a boom in the Australian economy, and at the present is far very high. Allegedly, succeeding administrations argued that high migration is helpful since the migration scheme is targeting skills not found in Oz, but adds the study illustrates that the same is not exactly the situation.

The report offers 3 grounds for the same:

SOL Outdated

Canberra permits individuals to submit an application for residence visas in case they have the needed expertise in a trade or line-of-work to be found on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). As per the report, the list is dated. Several occupations seen on the list are not actually in short supply, even as there is no dearth of the nationals who have the necessary training in them and who are unable to find a job. Nurses, dentists, and accountants are just some such experts.

Get Canada PR Migration Services for Code 2281 Computer Network Technicians!

Migration is a dream of many, and when it comes to a country to choose the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada, tops the chart. In today’s highly competitive world, most of the people are ambitious and eager to push their professional boundaries, and channelize their professional skills in a foreign land. Many such people aspire to migrate to Canada with a most desired and prized permit ‘Permanent Residency’ straight away.

‘Permanent Residency’, refers to a permit where migrants are allowed to live and work indefinitely in the country, but they are not Canadian citizens; they are the citizens of their native countries. As a permanent resident in Canada, you can enjoy most of the social benefits that the Canadian citizens enjoy; you can work, live and study anywhere in the country.

In case you are one of the skilled Computer Network Technicians, and motivated with Canada immigration, you can move to the country under the code 2281. The time is just perfect for the object at the present. As per reports, the nation is battling a serious shortage of trained Computer Network Technicians and since the locally available talent pool is not adequate for the object, Ottawa is interested in foreign skilled manpower.

You can easily start processing you migration application, and obtain the much desired PR permit by simply taking the professional and experienced services of the Canada visa and immigration experts located near your place. Most of the leading cities of India have a couple of really good visa and immigration bureaus run and managed by some of the renowned groups in the business. Contact and get professional services from one—the services of which suit your specific requirements.

As mentioned before, Computer Network Technicians 2281 can obtain the much sought after Canada PR status by availing the expert services from migration specialists. As per the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014, the main objective of the scheme is to attract skilled workers to meet the shortage of skilled professionals in various sectors across the country. Computer Network Technicians are just one of them.

Computer Network Technicians: Work Profile        

Now let’s take a quick look at the job profile of these specialists! They run, develop, monitor and synchronize the use of local and wide area networks, like; for instance, LANs and WANs, hardware, software, mainframe networks and related computer equipments.

These experts also set and maintain Internet and intranet Web sites and Web-server software and hardware, and also keep an eye on the overall performance and network connectivity. The services of these professionals are wanted in the Information Technology (IT) units–both in the private and the public sectors.

Employment Requirements

To successfully migrate to Canada, as a trained Computer Network Technician, you are required to complete graduation or a post graduation in Computer Science, Network Administration, Web Technology, or any other associated field.

Given Titles

  • Internet Web site technician
  • LAN (local area network) administrator
  • LAN (local area network) technician
  • Web technician
  • computer network technician
  • data centre operator
  • network administrator
  • network support technician
  • supervisor, computer network technicians
  • system administrator

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain and manage the use of local area networks such as LANs and WANs, computer workstations, mainframe networks, connections to the Internet and peripheral equipments.
  • Examine, appraise and install computer hardware, networking software, operating system software and networking software.
  • Run and monitor master consoles to examine the performance of networks and computer systems.
  • Proffer problem-solving services to network users and continue, install and improve web-server hardware and software.
  • Maintain control records and carry-out routine network start up.
  • Perform network traffic and security monitoring software.
  • Improve server output and administer the data backup and disaster recovery operation.
  • Test and perform security & quality control and keep an eye on Web navigation, e-mail use and installed software.

Consult New Delhi Visa Consultants, Improve Your Chances!

Are you based in or around India’s capital, New Delhi, and are keen to immigrate to your favorite foreign destination, say, the US, but are not very sure how to really do it, and/or which permit category to opt for, on the basis of your specific qualifications and professional expertise, and much more importantly, interests.

Well, if the answer is ‘yes’, you are advised to consult New Delhi Visa Consultants.  They are usually competent and experienced professionals. These experts have a good domain knowledge, not to mention background, in successfully helping and guiding a large number of visa and immigration candidates, under several permit classes, such as Work Visa, Investor Visa, Student Visa, Parent and Grandparent Visa, etc., to the various leading immigration hotspots of the world, such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, and the UK, etc.

They well know how to fulfill the terms of the various immigration organizations, such as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). For those not tuned in, while the former is the concerned immigration body of Canada, the latter is the concerned immigration organization of Australia.

Australia Immigration Opportunities for Geotechnical Engineer Excellent, Their Services Wanted

Geo technical Engineering is essentially a branch of Civil Engineering. It is concerned with the engineering activities of the earth materials. It is a vital component of Civil Engineering. Geo technical Engineering also has usages in mining, and extra engineering subjects that are related with the construction taking place either on the surface, or within the ground. This engineering branch is also associated with Ocean & Coastal Engineering.

Work Profile

Under the ANZSCO Code 233212, Geo technical Engineers are accountable to plan, keep an eye on, direct, administer and carry-out survey work to scrutinize the behavior of rock and  soil when placed under pressure by future structures, and designs above and below ground foundations. Registration or obtaining a license from the concerned Australian province or state may be needed.

Job Prospects

The future prospects of these professionals are tremendously bright in Australia. Some trade analysts believe that the demand for these experts is likely to increase further in the future as a significantly large number of the present specialists would either retire or would be promoted to higher positions. And with economic growth and globalization, more and more of such professionals will be required to meet the growing demand.

This growing demand has made Australia a hot destination for Geo technical Engineers. For them, immigration opportunities are vast, and in return for their professional services, the several business groups, operating from Oz, are ready to pay them unexpected remunerations.

Australia Immigration Opportunities for Civil Engineers Services Galore

After Military Engineering, the discipline of Civil Engineering is the second oldest discipline that deals with the construction, maintenance, and design of the natural and physical built surroundings that includes bridges, buildings, canals, and dams. From time immemorial, Civil Engineers have been required in both public and private sectors across the globe with Australia being no exception. Actually, the demand of these experts has always been pretty high in this highly developed world economy. As per some available reports, at the present, the demand has increased further across the country.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the Australian department of immigration, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), has lately included the profession in its skilled occupation lists, under the ANZSCO Code 233211, delineating the official requirement of these specialists, and also showing the importance that it gives to these specialists.

So, thos