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Canada Immigration Process for 1212 Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers Hassle-free Affair

Are you one of the Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers, and motivated with Canada immigration? If the answer is in the affirmative, you will be more than happy to know that currently professionals like you are needed in Canada under the Code 1212, and so Canada Immigration Process for skilled professionals like you could be a stress-free affair.

No doubt, the Maple Leaf Country is one of the most developed immigration hotspots even as it attracts thousands of immigrants annually. Some immigration observers claim the country is the Number 1 immigration destination worldwide. People with high dreams and professionals aspirations come to the nation and the latter has always given them a warm welcome–especially to those with professional skills.

Currently, many Canadian provinces are facing a serious shortage of supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1212. Many of theseworking in the country at the present are either about to retire or have been given higher responsibilities in their respective departments.

Immigration to Canada for Stock Brokers Lifetime Opportunity

Today, skilled Stock Brokers are willing to immigrate to a country that has much to offer towards the growth and advancement of their career. If one speaks about immigration opportunities for experienced practitioners, then in the present scenario, the ‘Land of Opportunities’, Canada, is the perfect place for the aspiring overseas immigration-motivated Stock Brokers.

At present, the Maple Leaf Country is facing a serious shortage of these experts as a significant number of these experts are either about to retire or have been given higher responsibilities in Canada. Ottawa is encouraging efficient practitioners to migrate its territories, either on temporary or permanent basis.

These experts buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, foreign currencies and other securities at stock exchanges on the behalf of investment dealers. Usually, various investment companies, stock brokerage firms, stock and commodity exchanges, and other establishments in the securities industry employ them.

Some Major Benefits of Latvia Immigration at a Glance

The Republic of Latvia is a beautiful and peaceful European country. The country is a Baltic state and situated between Lithuania and Estonia. The nation’s national language is Latvian but a majority of population speaks Russian and English also.

This striking European country is part of the Schengen Area and once you become a Latvian resident you are exposed to the rest of Europe. Living in Latvia for a continuous long term can help you obtain the nation’s prized citizenship. Since the country is an active member of the European Union (EU), its citizens are also EU Citizens. As a result, your whole family is entitled to live and work anywhere in the EU, without any restrictions or limitations whatsoever.

Many people believe Latvia is the most attractive country for immigration purposes. If you intend to live and work in a foreign country, this immigration hotspot can be your answer. The immigration process is relatively simple and less complicated; you really do not have to wait long before you immigrate to your dream destination.

Canada New List of Eligible Occupancy FSWP Out

Recently, Canada has announced a New List of Eligible Occupancy underthe FSWP. The opening of the program was long awaited even as it has brought happiness to many would-be immigrants. The list consists of 50 occupations with a cap of 1000 applications per eligible profession.

The key selection parameters under the new Federal Skilled Worker program is point based system. Each applicant is assessed on the basis of six main factors, and to qualify scoring 67 points are mandatory. Points under point based system can be gained according to below distribution format:

  • Up to 25 points for Education qualification
  • Up to 28 points for language proficiency either in English or French
  • Up to 15 points for work experience
  • Up to 12 points for age
  • Up to 10 points for arranged employment

The candidates must also proof their financial ability to show that they have enough funds to support themselves and their family members after arriving in the Maple Leaf Country. They should have at least one year of continuous work experience in the last 10 years in one of the 50 eligible occupations.

Following is the NOC list recently announced recently:

Attention Early Childhood Educators! Canada FSW Program Wants You!

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is a rather accepted scheme even as it allows skilled professionals to apply for the prized Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). The program does not require the applicants to be armed by lucrative Canadian job offer, or any close relative or friend in the country.

While this occupation Early Childhood Educators is relatively new it is an exciting option for the aspiring educators considering the increase in demand of these professionals. Only a maximum of 1000 total applications will be accepted for NOC 4214 resulting in quickly filling the seats.

Work Profile

Develop, plan and organize activities for pre-school and school-age children, and lead these children in activities, to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth. These professionals are mainly employed in child-care centers, kindergartens, nursery schools, and agencies for exceptional children, and other environments where Early Childhood Education services are provided, or they may also be self-employed. Early Childhood Educators are supervisors and are part of this group.

Occupational Titles

Day care helper

Day care supervisor

Day care worker

Pre -school supervisor

American IT Lobby Group Favors Action on H-1B Permit Reorganization

A well-known organization–which lobbies on the behalf of high-tech businesses in the US–has reportedly urged the American Congress to give its green signal to legislation with a view to swell the figure of the H-1B Permits up for grabs to the US industry. In this connection, a concerned person has done an opinion piece to create awareness about what he terms ‘the H-1B visa crisis’. According to him, the national economy of the US would have generated an extra fresh employment opportunity every 43 seconds only in case the H-1B structure had been improved.

For those not tuned in, these visas enable American job-providers/firms to take up trained overseas employees in specialty professions. At the present, 85,000 H-1B permits are available on a yearly basis. While 65,000 permits are for the workers with Bachelor’s Degrees (or ‘degree equivalence’ wherein an employee has a superior level of expertise obtained from a mixture of training & experience); 20,000 visas can be proffered to the workers with advanced degrees.

H-1B Permits Have Validity of 3 Yrs, But May be Renewed

Sydney: Topmost International City for Global Students

In a somewhat important development–and leaving behind some of the topmost world cities, such as New York, London, & Paris behind–the Australian city of Sydney has reportedly emerged as the most well-liked city across the globe for global university students. Sydney occupies the topmost position in a global cities index. Figures reveal that the city houses roughly 50,000 global students at its many universities, and an additional 50,000 students are engaged with the various English & vocational study courses.

Meanwhile, talking about the development, a concerned person stated that–courtesy a diverse society with rather good links with the remaining areas of the world–the city benefits economically, culturally & socially. She elucidated that the community of global students makes the city’s affluence and livability better and superior even while being the globe’s most accepted place for international students assists build Sydney’s cultural diversity, and reinforces the area’s regional & international links.

Decoding Depending Visa for Australia

Australia–also known as the Land of Kangaroos and/or Oz–is arguably the most preferred country for immigrants worldwide. In total, 25 % or one-fourth of its population consists of the non-citizens making the country the Number One immigration destination across the globe. Rich history, scenic beauty, blue beaches… the Land of Kangaroos has a lot to offer. It also has to offer excellent work environment, best health facilities, social and economic benefits, and before one forgets, lucrative pay packages.

There are numerous ways under which you can submit an application, and after successfully meeting all the requirements, you can easily fly to live your dreams in reality. However, if your family member has already migrated to the beautiful country, you can easily join him by simply submitting a submissions underthe Aged Dependent Relative Visa (subclass 114), also known as Depending Visa category for Australia.

Who all are eligible to apply

Essentially, this permit is meant for some older persons to move to Oz in case they depend on a qualified relative in the country to offer financial assistance.​ In case you are a spouse or partner, immediate member of a family whose one member is holding a temporary visa in Australia; for example, Student Visa, or if your partner or spouse is holding the nation’s prized residency; for example, Permanent Residency (PR), in such a case, you are eligible to submit a petition under the Depending Visa Class.  

Reopening of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

New Occupation List For Canada Skilled Professionals, Tradespersons And Canadian Experience Class is open now , the list is

  1. Senior managers – financial, communications
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    and other business services (NOC 0013)

  2. Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c. (0015)
  3. Financial managers (0111)
  4. Human resources managers (0112)
  5. Purchasing managers (0113)
  6. Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers (0121)
  7. Managers in health care (0311)
  8. Construction managers (0711)
  9. Home building and renovation managers (0712)
  10. Managers in natural resources production and fishing (0811)
  11. Manufacturing managers (0911)
  12. Financial auditors and accountants (1111)
  13. Financial and investment analysts (1112)
  14. Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers (1113)
  15. Other financial officers (1114)
  16. Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations (1123)
  17. Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers (1212)
  18. Property administrators (1224)
  19. Geoscientists and oceanographers (2113)
  20. Civil engineers (2131)
  21. Mechanical engineers (2132)
  22. Electrical and electronics engineers (2133)
  23. Petroleum engineers (2145)
  24. Information systems analysts and consultants (2171)
  25. Database analysts and data administrators (2172)
  26. Software engineers and designers (2173)
  27. Computer programmers and interactive media developers (2174)
  28. Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians (2232)
  29. Construction estimators (2234)
  30. Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians (2241)
  31. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (2243)
  32. Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (2263)
  33. Computer network technicians (2281)
  34. Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors (3011)
  35. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (3012)
  36. Specialist physicians (3111)
  37. General practitioners and family physicians (3112)
  38. Dietitians and nutritionists (3132)
  39. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists (3141)
  40. Physiotherapists (3142)
  41. Occupational therapists (3143)
  42. Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists (3214)
  43. Medical radiation technologists (3215)
  44. Medical sonographers (3216)
  45. Licensed practical nurses (3233)
  46. Paramedical occupations (3234)
  47. University professors and lecturers (4011)
  48. Psychologists (4151)
  49. Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)
  50. Translators, terminologists and interpreters (5125)

South Australia Skilled Immigration Opportunities For Aspirants

South Australia Skilled Immigration program is in news because of its enhanced state based required trades scroll – the SNOL. Recently the authorities of the province appended 18 occupational references. The authorities are quite positive about the skills migration from overseas because of 2 primary reasons, namely, the overseas skills migration helps them to address the critical issue of structural labor deficit in the state based labor pool and the overseas expertise helps infuse fresh talent into the labor pool.

The influx of foreign workers has proven to be a boon for a country like Down Under. This country faces a severe scarcity of trained expertise primarily because of dwindling demographic composition.

The state of SA also faces a similar situation and to counter it the authorities actively participate in the Skilled Immigration initiative. The province selects and nominated the willing applicants for subsection 190 permanent and subsection 489 on the basis of the state centric requirements. The terms and conditions of the selection have been clearly defined in the SNOL. If you are willing to migrate to this Australian province, then you should explore the SA SNOL and start preparing for placing your request on the SkillSelect. Alternatively, if you face some tricky issues in dealing with any of requirements of SA skills migration program, or if you wish to seek more simplified elaboration on any of the issues connected with SA skills migration, you can approach us for a comprehensive support.