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Does Concept of Immigration to Hong Kong Motivate You?

Thanks to the global meltdown that hit the world in 2008, almost every economy across the globe has witnessed a slump with multiple banking intuitions like; for instance, Lehman Brothers, becoming a history at present. Only few select global economies have survived the storm and are thriving somewhat.

If one is to name few economies–that have successfully bounced back, and they are hitting the accelerator with incredible velocity–in that case, one cannot rule out China, India and Hong Kong. Economies in these countries are quite blooming, and certainly one can construe that they wore armor when the global economy was down.

So, it would not sound naïve if many people are opting for these three countries for overseas movement, for the object of sustaining and improving their life. In case one talks about China, Hong Kong and India, then these three economies have seen almost on an average of 6 % growth from the last 5 years even as this has led to the creation of well-paying job opportunities and more movement.

Hong Immigration

However, at this point of time, this article will only focus on Hong Kong–the country with dominating skyline, better living standards and where dreams are materialized. Immigration to Hong Kong—a leading global Asian economy–is something that numerous individuals from throughout the globe are choosing in the first place. In case you are that person reeling for Hong Kong then you must know certain basics to help ease your movement. There are different visa and immigration programmes that would facilitate your movement this year.

There is a general perception among some individuals that only skilled immigrants can make it to this country. However, the reality is a bit different. Let’s bring out from the roots what the reality is! If you go by records and governance, then even students with undergraduates can move to this country. You can get full time PG programme going in tandem, or you can complete your Bachelors and look forward for jobs.

Given this, it can be said that if you want to move to this country, then there are provisions where you don’t need to show experience. However, for skilled movement, it is very important to present considerable experience in the first place. For non-resident students, there are also provisions where they can file for the movement and get it streamlined under different immigration norms.

At the same time, if you swing your focus to the working clan, in that case, the concerned visa and immigration authorities in this country have revamped the norms and parameters. No wonder, immigration to Hong Kong is turning out to be feasible and doable. Particularly speaking about the guidelines for entry for professionals, if the person is involved in those activities–that are in the highest demand in this country–then the movement simplifies by manifolds.

If you are to pick an example–then the demand for English is very high here. In case the person, opting for overseas movement, is well versed in English, then he can easily get his visa processed rather quickly. Processing for such visas is expedited as there is a real scarcity for experienced English teachers in the city-state. Against this backdrop–in case you are into any such professions whose demand is high and the supply is scarce in Hong Kong–then you can definitely stand at an advantageous position in the queue while opting for movement.

If you want to the do a job in the nation, it may be worth considering a Hong Kong skilled immigration Scheme. Several good choices are up for grabs in case one possesses the right expertise & experience and wants to reside and do a job in the country, such as the General Points Test (GPT) and the General Employment Policy (GEP) Scheme for trained manpower with an offer of employment.

Looking for Hong Kong Immigration Advisors? What to Keep In Mind?

In one fine morning a regular friend asked a regular question, ‘why you want to move to another country”? Well, the question looks simple, and so does the answer. If talking about the general public is concerned, then primarily a better standard of living, lucrative pay, good governance and minimum corruption is something that drive one to move to another country.

As such, people don’t taste enough success in their motherland owing to corruption, slow growth, and lack of opportunities, and they have no other options left but to migrate. When they migrate, primarily they seek developed countries where they can thrive and live a better life. However, even though there are many who have the flare and expertise to move, they get derailed due to some technicalities.

Often, there are instances of their application getting rejected, or they don’t have all the proper papers arranged in the first place, for facilitating the movement. Hence, you need someone who can pave the way for getting your application duly processed in the best way.

Technically, it is always immigration advisors who can help you move to Hong Kong or China or any such places where you want to go. Given this–in case you have decided to move to Hong Kong, and you need immigration advisors who can perform in the best way to facilitate your movement–in that case, keep in mind certain basics that can help you choose the best one in the market.

Government Certification

It is imperative that the advisors are regularized by the government. There is a provision for certification granted from administration for such advisors, and you must make it a point to ask them to show it. If you don’t want to make your experience end up on a bitter note, then make a point to do this in the first place.

Communication Skills

Communication is the key to get all your doubts and queries answered in the best way. Hence, if the advisor, you have opted for Hong Kong immigration speaks in technical language, in that case, the language would be alien to you, and you can’t figure-out the head and tail of what he speaks. So, at the end of the day, it is only you who will end up losing heavily. While opting for advisors for Hong Kong immigration, make it a point that your advisor is able to clarify all your doubts in the tongue that you can hear properly.

Success Story

‘Experience will never let you down’—certainly, if you have availed advisors who have 5 to 10 years of experience in dealing with immigration issues, in that case, they are fully aware of all the technicalities that are hard to be understood by a layman. Therefore, you multiply your probabilities of getting your immigration visa processed by manifolds. What do you get at the end of the day, certainly, a hassle-free mind and peace! If you go for veterans who have handled immigration cases similar to that of yours, then you multiply your chances of movement.

Overseas Movement Achievable via Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator

For the prospective immigrants–who wish to live their dreams in reality–the city-state of Hong Kong is, perhaps, the best place, thanks to its thriving economy. Also known as HK, this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China is one of the nations with the highest per capita income and Human Development Index (HDI). The beautiful ‘Pearl of the Orient’ with high skylines has also been ranked higher than other nation in the in the ‘Global Competitiveness Report’.

For those–who are looking for a perfect opportunity, to kick-start their career in a foreign country–no other country but HK fills the requirements best, as the city has been termed as a major hub of global trade and finance, and is also counted as one of the nations among the eight alpha+. If you need more reasons to mull over Hong Kong immigration, then you will need to know that it has been ranked at the fifth place on the 2014 Global cities Index, next only to New York, London, Tokyo, and Paris.

Immigration to Hong Kong is possible through Points Calculator System. The Immigration Department of the Government of the nation uses the points calculator as an important instrument to duly evaluate the applicant’s capability (or otherwise), through different parameters. The Points Calculator is applicable under Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (HKQMAS), especially developed to draw trained professionals to the country, in order to meet the nation’s shortage of qualified experts in various domains.

Preference is usually given to those applicants who score well on the points calculator and have ability to contribute towards the national economy at the earliest. To be accordingly considered, it is not mandatory to have a prior job offer from an employer in HK.

Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator

HK offers numerous well-paying employment opportunities to the foreign workers, as it is most of the time in need of trained workers in various fields. The popular programs named QMAS is the most successful immigration programme to HK. The entire programme is based on Points Calculator.

To qualify and be accepted, it is vital that the applicants meet the criteria for eligibility and do well on either of the two Hong Kong point based tests, i.e., ‘Achievement-based Points Test’ or ‘General Points Test’. To make the grade, the bare minimum numbers of points are set as the passing benchmark and the prerequisites are as follow:

Good character: Applicants’ background need to be clean even as they should not hold a criminal background of any kind.

Age: The candidates must be between the age group of 18 and 50.

Language Proficiency: The candidates must be fluent either in English or Chinese that includes Mandarin or Cantonese.

Financial requirements: Applicants must be independent and financially strong to support themselves and their family members in the nation.

Education: They must hold basic education qualification from a well-recognized university or college.

While the aspirants need to successfully clear the General Points Test or the Achievement Based Points Test, these are the broad guidelines:

I. Preference is given to those with high score and on the basis of their score, applicants are selected by the Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region within the quarterly quota.

II. The prospective immigrants have to attend the personal interview along with the original documents.

III. Work permit is granted for a period of one year.

IV. Successful applicants can bring their partner and children below 18 years of age to the country.

On the Points Calculator, aspirants need to score a minimum of 80 points on the General Points Test and a minimum 165 points on the Achievement-based Points Test under one factor alone. Applicants with exceptional talent–such as an Olympic medal or Nobel Prize–are duly considered under the above stated category.

Top Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

Are you not very happy with your present job? Do you think your skills are not much valued in your native country, and are taken for granted? Are you thinking about immigrating to a foreign destination to improve your life and career? If your answer is the affirmative, then why not consider Hong Kong Immigration!

It is a less known fact that Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PPC) is fast gaining popularity, and is coming parallel to other countries like Canada, Australia, and the US. Actually, some observers claim it has already overtaken them in acceptance and popularity. Slowly and steadily, a large number of potential immigrants have realized the economic power of the city-state and have started making inquiries about Immigration to Hong Kong.

But Why Hong Kong?

The city-state is not only famous due to its dense population but also due to its expansive skyline and natural harbor. Besides, HK is well surrounded by many renowned tourist destinations. In the early 80s, it started developing its economy. And with time, it has emerged as one of the major international trade and financial hubs, and has been declared as one of the world city, even as it is also being counted among the eight global Alpha+ cities.

Just a few months back in 2014, it was announced as the fifth city on the 2014 Global cities Index–next only to New York, London, Tokyo, and Paris. If that is not enough, HK has the highest Per Capita Income and Human Development Index (HDI) worldwide. It has been regarded as the most important financial and trade center–after London and New York. Further, Honk Kong has the most developed modern architecture and it has been given the title of ‘vertical city’.

Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the key benefits of immigration to Hong Kong!

I. As HK has high per capita income, the living expenditure for foreign professionals is relatively low than other developed countries. It means you do not have to spend a lot to live and work in the country.

II. Its low tax rate and free economy attracts many.

III. HK QMAS programme hires professionals from overseas and offers them rewarding and well-paying employment opportunities with better pay packages and social benefits.

IV. Hong Kong has a very high standard of living; immigrants get to enjoy many social benefits. While you live in a global city you do not have to worry about state social advantages as these automatically come to you.

V. People, by and large, are immigrant- friendly and help you feel at home away from home. No racial discrimination here, no prejudice of any kind!

VI. One can obtain a HK work permit easily, as compared to other immigration destination

VII. The city-state has a large number of Asians especially Indians on its territories. So, you do not feel as if you are in an alien place.

There are mainly two different types of permits available for the potential immigrants–that is professional and non professional Hong Kong work permits. While the former is granted to individuals with technical education, the latter is given to individuals with a prior job offer from an employer in the city-state.

Prerequisites Required

I. Candidates should not have a criminal record in their native country.

II. Applicants must meet the basic education criteria—a minimum of a Bachelors Degree from a recognized university or institute.

III. Apart from all this, candidates should have health coverage, and if asked, should be able to prove their financial capability.

In the past, not many people much knew about the advantages of Hong Kong Immigration, but as the country has gained worldwide popularity over the years, a large number of people have started enquiring about the job prospects in HK. Moreover, Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme has gained enough popularity.

Does Green Card for Immigration to Denmark Motivate You? Know Points Structure!

The ‘happiest country in the world’ (we are referring to Denmark, of course) has a rather special place in the heart of the millions of people worldwide, rightfully so. Despite the fact that a large number of people visit the immigration hotspot for different reasons, the majority of the people, who wish to immigrate to the beautiful Nordic country, have an eye for Green Card. The key motive behind is this the growing rate of employment not only for the Danes but for foreign professionals as well.

The stunningly beautiful and highly developed Northern European Nation has always given a red carpet welcome to skilled professionals who have experience and qualifications in which it could be interested in. It is one of those rare immigration destinations that consider trained immigrants of national value and not national burden. To attract and draw more and more trained skilled professionals to its soils, the country has introduced the popular and widely preferred Denmark Green Card Scheme.

Green Card for Immigration to Denmark

For skilled experts, Green Card is, perhaps, the best option. It is also known across the globe as the ‘Denmark GC’. To become eligible, trained specialists need to meet the requirements for the Points Calculator. The bare minimum eligibility points are 100.

Initially, Green Card for Denmark immigration is issued for two years with a possibility of extension of three years. Eligible applicants–under the Denmark GC–may obtain either a work permit or residence permit. Applicants, with a residence permit, do not need to obtain an additional work permit. It allows the applicants to do paid or unpaid jobs.

Denmark Green Card Points Calculator–Basic Prerequisites

Each applicant can attain points on the basis of the different sectors such as; for instance, age, employment, Education, adaptability and language.

Age:  Applicants, within the age group of 35 to 40 years, may gain 10 points, and those aged 35 or below may score 15 points.

Employment:  It is divided into following three sub categories

I. Candidates may earn up to 15 pints with a experience of 3 to 5 years in the occupations mentioned on the positive list.

II.    Applicants may earn up to 10 points with a experience of 1 to 2 years in the occupations mentioned on the positive list.

III.    Aspirants may earn up to 5 points with a experience of 3 to 5 years (Other work).

Educational Qualifications:  It is divided into following two sub categories

I. Candidates may earn up to 60 points for three years Bachelors Degree, plus 2 years Masters Degree.

II. Applicants may earn up to 50  points for three years Bachelors Degree, plus 2 years Masters Degree.

Adaptability : You can earn extra points in a situation where in you are  linked with EU/EE  that includes Switzerland, Denmark, through your work experience or education. This clearly signifies your ability to fast adopt the foreign market needs and work culture. Points are awarded on the basis of an aspirant’s work experience or education.

I. An applicant may achieve 5 points for completing at-least one year course at a higher educational programme in any of the countries from the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

II. A person may score 10 points for completing at-least three years course in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

Language: A person may earn 20 points if he has a work experience of working at a place where English is a primary language or have a Master’s Degree in English or have a score of 6.5 in IELTS.

Summing-up, for those who dream of Denmark Immigration, for a long term stay and unconditional benefits, Green Card can be the best option. If you wish to acquire Denmark Green Card, you need to know that the journey to your dream destination is long but surely it’s not impossible to achieve it.

Get Help from Hyderabad based Denmark Immigration Consultants but Keep Your Eyes Open!

Hyderabad, as it well known, is the capital city of the newly formed Indian state of Telangana. Historically, the city is of a great importance. Many of its bazaars (markets), such as; for instance, Begum Bazaar, sultan Bazaar and Lad Bazaar, are centuries old.

The city is the main trading center of pearl and diamond, and is also known as the ‘City of Pearls’. Not only this, the city of Nizams is highly industrialized, has some of the best research, financial institutions and manufacturing units, with the National Geophysical Research Institute, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology being just some of them.

Among the many titles, the city has also won the title of ‘Genome valley’, as it has some of the best pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries operating within its territory. And if that is not enough, Hyderabad is one of the major tourist attractions, packed with amazing and interesting places, such as lakes, historical monuments and Gardens making the ‘City of Nizams’ all the more valuable for India.

In-spite of the fact that Hyderabad is the fifth largest contributor to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the immigration rate is high among the local people. In today’s fast-moving world, people love shortcuts, especially when it comes to success time and again individuals immigrate to various immigration destinations.

For example, Australia, the US, New Zealand, and Canada are just some of the many favorite countries, but one country that has a special place in the heart of the Hyderbadis is surely the ‘happiest country in the world’. Well, you guessed it right; we are talking about none other than the beautiful Northern European Nation of Denmark.

Many professionals from India located in or around the city–especially the skilled and ambitious ones–are quite eager to start a fresh life in the Nordic Country. It is an easy entry, especially for those who want to spend the rest of their live in Denmark. A big credit goes to Denmark Immigration consultants based in Hyderabad.

As the immigration rate for people willing to immigrate to Denmark has increased at a higher pace, you can easily locate immigration consultants providing their expertise from their offices based in the ‘City of Nizams’, Hyderabad.

Why Immigration Consultants?

Immigrating to your dream destination Denmark is the most important step of your life, and due to even a small mistake, your dream may die a pre-mature death. But, frankly speaking, immigrating to the destination is not an easy task.

The complete process is tedious, lengthy and complicated depending on the type of visa you wish to acquire. Due to lack of experience and proper guidance, it is very much possible that the morale of applicant may break down in between. Here, professional immigration advisors to Denmark can play a rather important role.

Immigration consultants do not provide only assistance but also boost the morale of the applicant by proving mental support. With years of experience and thorough networking, they are capable of turning weak applicants into the strongest contenders. Through different sittings, they pre-assess the applicants’ credentials and make them appear for mock test, if they are required to appear for and help them enhance their communication skills.

The biggest advantage is that immigration terms and conditions may change without any prior notice. Immigration consultants are the first to be notified of any such changes. They further make the amendment in the applicant’s petition accordingly. However, no immigration consultant assures a 100% success. All they can do is to enhance the candidate’s skills and motivate them. So, any if any advisor dealing with immigration to Denmark claims he will help you get a visa to the country come what may, avoid him at all costs! Chances are that he could be trying to take you for a ride.

Obtain Help Denmark Immigration Advisers in India but be Vigilant!

Denmark is a beautiful European country. Officially known as the ‘Kingdom of Denmark’, it is a part of the Schengen Area, and boasts of a very high standard of living. The Northern European Country is ranked high in human development, education, protection of civil liberties, healthcare along with many other sectors. The Nordic Nation also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, even while in the cross national studies of happiness, it has been termed as the ‘happiest country in the world’.

The above reasons are enough to show that the life in the nation is full of all-round prosperity and happiness, and that many people, from across the globe, may wish to immigrate to it at the earliest. Undoubtedly, Denmark is one of the hottest immigration destinations, and people from every corner of the world wish to kick start their career there in even as they love on its territories.

And, perhaps, no one will be surprised to know that a large number of people have already immigrated to its territories. The immigration process is in continuation, and it is expected that a large number of applicants will immigrate in the coming years, thanks to Denmark immigration advisers in India.

Who is an immigration adviser?

An immigration adviser is essentially a friend in need who provides assistance from start to end. He assesses the applicant’s credentials and helps him work on this weaknesses (if any), guide him to appear for tests (if any required), help his successfully choose the best visa option, assist him with the cumbersome and complex paper work, and also defend his case as and when need arises. Considering today’s specific needs, some of the immigration advisers have gone a step ahead and provide the migrants highly useful and productive post immigration assistance as well.

How to avail the services of Denmark immigration advisers in India?

If you are pretty sure about the country you have chosen, then you will be more than happy to know that you can easily take the services of number of skilled Denmark immigration advisers based in the different parts of the country. Today distance is irrelevant. Besides the top metropolitan cities, you can easily avail the services of quality immigration experts even in many small cities. The widespread availability of different means of communication has significantly reduced the physical distance to zero.

The easiest and the most relevant way to get in touch with Denmark immigration advisers are through the Internet. You can easily use any search engine, and just with a simple click, you will get several good options to choose from. Thoroughly go through the websites of the various players in the business, and read about their backgrounds and success history.

A Word of Advice

However, do not trust them blindly. And, before you take their services, check their credibility, and if possible, speak to those who may used their services and request them to share their experiences with you.

It is no secret that there is no dearth of immigration advisers who get their advertisements duly published in various top newspapers and magazines to lure aspirants. Take extra precautions while taking their services as chances are high that you may fall into the hands of cheaters. It’s always best to take the services of immigration adviser through reference. It is the most trusted and reliable way with minimum chances of getting cheated or duped, and being taken for a ride.

Consultant’s Fees

Remember: nothing comes for free! Immigration advisers–in return for their valuable assistance–charge a fixed amount. This may be slightly different from adviser to adviser depending on their success record and the kind of services being offered. To be on the safer side, though check in advance their charges. Request the concerned professionals to given the whole thing in writing so that you are not asked to pay more later on.

Immigration to Denmark & Points Calculator

Denmark is a North European Scandinavian country surrounded by green lands, monuments, natural attractions and ancient sculptures and several other attractions. Apart from its eye-catching natural and man-made beauty, the ‘happiest country in the world’ is also world famous for unlimited employment opportunities and highly developed and fast pace of life.

The living standard of its people is higher than those living in some of the so-called most developed global economies. This amazingly beautiful Nordic Country is also well-known for its rich ethnicity and prosperous culture. Every year, innumerable people, from across the globe, immigrate to the country with a view to live a peaceful life and enjoy lovely sunsets at some of the most the crystal-clear beaches found in the world.

Having said this about the European country, like many other countries, the Denmark immigration procedure is also based on what is called the Points Calculator. It helps determine the eligibility, or otherwise, of an applicant willing to make Denmark their second home.

Points Calculator and Immigration to Denmark

Immigration to Denmark is possible using a points calculator. To successfully qualify and make the cut, each candidate needs to score a minimum of 100 points. These (points) are credited on the basis of the aspirant’s language proficiency, age, education, employment and individual adaptability.

The Denmark Points Calculator mainly refers to the Danish Green Card option where points are awarded on the basis of an assortment of factors. Danish Green Card is applicable for skilled professionals who score well on the Points Calculator. Initially, qualified applicants are granted work permit for three years, and this may be extended for the next four years.

Key Factors behind Points Distribution

For skilled professionals, Immigration to Denmark is possible through points calculator. Following is the distribution of points on the basis of various factors:

Language proficiency: On the basis of his language know-how, an applicant may earn 50 only if he has an experience of working in a place where English language is the primary medium of communication, or has a Masters Degree in English or has appeared for the IELTS and has scored 6.5 in each band. The aspirant may also submit the score for Norwegian, German, Danish and Swedish.

He may also be required to submit a duly attested copy of statement from his very last employer stating the usage of any of these languages which will be termed as a proof for his language expertise and know-how.

Age: Applicants between the age group of 35 to 40 may gain 10 points and those who are 35 or below may gain 15 points. It means if one is younger, he has an edge over those who are senior to him in age.

Educational Qualification: An applicant may score 60 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, plus two years of Masters Degree from a recognized college/university and 50 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, and 1 year of Bachelor Degree.

Employment: A Denmark immigration-motivated candidate may score 10 points for 1 to 2 years experience (must be included in positive list), 15 points for 3 to 5 years experience (must be included in positive list) and 5 points for 3 to 5 years experience (other work).

Individual Adaptability: The candidate may gain some earn extra (but highly useful and valuable) points if he is connected or linked to the EU/EEA, and this includes Denmark, through work experience or education qualification as this signifies his ability to sooner adapt into the Danish work environment.

Points are granted for work experience or educational qualifications, once a person has completed at least one year of study at a higher educational program in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. Total points to be scored are five or at least three years Bachelors Degree at a higher educational program in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland points to be scored is ten.

Express Entry Canada 2015 for Skilled Workers

Did you dream of moving to Canada but all these while you were kind of figuring-out how to materialize this dream? Well, for such folks your patience, endurance and wait has-been answered in affirmative. Yes, in the affirmative! This year a new programme has been unleashed from its den. Yes, the word unleashed is used because all these while the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) system of evaluation had snatched opportunities from those that deserved it more!

From this year, Express Entry Canada 2015 for skilled workers will only take into consideration skills. Yes, if you have skills then you stand a chance to move else your application will be rejected! The Express Entry system will keep an eagle’s eye on the language skills of the applicants. So, even if you are stupendous at your skills, but your language is mediocre, then you cannot move.

So, how to figure a way out? Well, you can do that by applying for test that the CIC will approve. Always remember that for utilizing this programme, it is imperative that you have sound knowledge about English. You must make prior appointments from the CIC for figuring-out the scheduled date when you can take the test and provide the scores to the immigration department, for further processing of your application.

Once you have taken the test, and you have secured the desired rankings, then you can apply for the programme. Always keep in mind that these scores are valid for 12 months, so with the scores that you have secured, you can apply just once for the process. If you are not able to get through, in that case, you will be asked to appear for another test in the new calendar year to exploit the benefits of Express Entry immigration programme.

If you have an idea of French language, then you will have an advantage over your peers. As French is spoken in some of the provinces, if you know French, you get more consideration for the application. Basically, if you want to ensure the movement to this country then it should be possible if you score 67 points out of 100.

If you score anything less than that, then your chances of moving to this country will end up becoming a dream. Once you have scored the desired rankings, you can move to this country under three programmes for skilled professionals.

Express Entry Canada 2015 for skilled workers can be facilitated through three programmes that can be accounted while movement:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program: If you have appeared for the test in the beginning of 2014, you need to secure maximum 24 points to ensure that you can move to this country.

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program: If you are applying under this programme, through Express Entry, then you must secure 9+ in speaking, writing, listening and reading.

3. Canada Experience Class: Those aspirants–who are looking for movement under experience class–need to secure 9+ ranking in all parameters as well reading, writing, listening and speaking.

For facilitating your movement, you must keep a close tab on the language skills that you possess.

Immigrate to Canada via Canada Express Entry 2015

The year 2014 has seen record-breaking immigrants to Canada. Still, due to one or another reason, a large number of visitors has been left behind. Those who still cherish their immigration dreams need not to worry! The one month old Express Entry Program will help you live your long pending dreams.

For all those people who want to immigrate to Canada, the Express Entry program 2015 is one of the quickest program providing an easy entry into Canada. The latest news coming from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is that the first draw has already taken place and 779 lucky applicants have received an “Invitation to apply”, and it is expected that future draws will take place more frequently.

Canada Express Entry 2015–Immigrate to Canada

If you wish to immigrate to Canada under Express Entry Program, then you need to follow certain procedure. The prospective immigrants need to create an online profile stating an “Expression of Interest” (EoI), as to why they want to live and work in the nation.

Applicants–who are eligible for any of the economic program such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs–will be placed in the Express Entry Pool, and will be ranked against each other as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Thereafter, they will be selected by the provincial government, Federal government and Canadian employers, and will be issued an Invitation to apply.

Chosen aspirants will have a maximum of two months to claim Permanent Residence (PR). Any applicant, who does not have prior job offer from a Canadian Employer or a territorial/provincial nomination, may register themselves with the Job Bank. It provides an open opportunity to promote themselves. It’s a search engine where employers in need may search for employees as per their needs. Once they have found a suitable match, they may offer them a job.

Express Entry does not have an occupation list

Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) was restricted to 50 occupations only, Express Entry welcomes one and all. It means applicants from any field may create an online profile, provided they have an experience of one year in the respective field in the past 10 years. The programme is cap-free. It means till the time programme is open, any number of applications can be processed.

Just to ensure the integrity of the Express Entry Programne, the CIC has incorporated severe penalties. If any misrepresentation or false information is provided, the applicant is forbidden from entering the Express Entry Pool for up to five years. He may also be prohibited from applying for Permanent Residence (PR) for a maximum of five years.

Skilled workers, who wish to enter the Express Entry Pool, need to demonstrate language proficiency in any of the two official languages, i.e., English or French. Candidates may appear for CELPIP or IELTS for English language and TEF for French. Aspirants–who fail to prove their language proficiency–may fail to enter the Express Entry Pool.