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Are You Interested In Poland Temporary Residence Card?

The Republic of Poland is located in Central Europe. With more than 38 million inhabitants it is one of the most populated countries in the European Union (EU). Despite the severe humanitarian and financial damages the country had to face during the World War I and II, it has managed to preserve its cultural wealth.

Poland Temporary Residence Card

Today, it has 14 sites that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. In last two decades, the country has successfully managed to achieve high Human Development Index (HDI), and today it has the sixth largest economy in the EU.

Polish people are friendly and laborious in nature; they are firm believer of cultural values and humanitarian ties. Poland is an immigrant friendly country. It encourages people–especially those who have the capability to create new employment opportunities and contribute in the development of national economy–to settle in the country.

Poland Temporary Residence Card

Stay in Poland for less than 3 months doesn’t require any additional permits. All you should have is a current travel document or a visa. But if you want to stay in Poland longer, a temporary residence permit will be needed.

New entrants in the country receive residence card. It is a legal document confirming the identity of a foreigner during his stay in the country. Residence Card along with a passport confirms that the holder has a right to stay in the nation. The card allows the holder to cross the Polish borders any number of times, without acquiring another visa. It offers an easy path for the non European nationals.

Poland is ideal for both short term visitors and long term visitors. If you wish to live in the country for short term, i.e. wish to acquire Poland Temporary Residence Card, then you may submit a petition with an intention to stay in the country for more than three months. A Temporary Residence Card has a maximum validity of three years.

You can file a petition for a permanent residence permit 10 years, post you start residing in the nation. Prior to that, you can live in the country only on the basis of temporary residence permits. You require renewing it not less frequently than every three years.

Coming back to the Poland Temporary Residence Card, an application for Temporary Residence Card should be submitted to the consulate at the Republic of Poland in your country of residence. Foreign nationals already living in the nation may apply at the regional office.

Courtesy the residence card, you will be given the right to register your residence at a specific address, and you will get the PESEL number. It is essential to carry-out every tax activity in the nation.

Following are some of the reasons why an applicant can apply for a Poland Temporary Residence Card:

  1. To work in Poland
  2. To attend any business meeting or conference
  3. To study or conduct research
  4. Family unification
  5. Other important reasons/circumstances

Applicants, interested to apply for Poland Temporary Residence Permit, should submit the application in person. If an applicant does not fill the application is person, and it is filled on his behalf by an attorney, then in order to collect his finger prints, he will be summoned by the consulate.

He will be asked to personally appear in the office within seven days from the date of submitting the application. If under any circumstances, an applicant fails to appear in the office; his petition will not be considered.

Following are the documents required in order to file the application for Poland Temporary Residence Card:

  1. Four latest color passport size photographs.
  2. Four reproductions of application form.
  3. On request, you may be asked to present reproductions along with original travel papers.
  4. In case of minor, written approval from the parents/guardian for filing a petition for the permit.

The applicant should also submit documents confirming the date and duration of travel and confirming the reason of travel along with the residential address in Poland. The processing of application may take one to two months.

Summary: Poland Temporary Residence Card is a legal document justifying that your presence in the nation is legal. It is issued to those who wish to stay in the country for more than three months, and is granted for a maximum of three years.

Canada Immigration 2015—Express Entry Gateways

Canada has unraveled newer and more pragmatic realms in its immigration process, and all those aspirants, who were victimized in the past by the first-come-first-serve basis, would experience a new entry system. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched a new programme named as “Express Entry” or also known as Expression of Interest (EoI).

Express Entry Programs

Under this specific programme, immigration to Canada in 2015 will be faster and easier for those who are having skills and who are willing to move to the nation. The Express Entry system is extremely pro-immigration based. It conducts draws based on the skills and expertise of the applicants, and selects the best ones who can bring about a difference in the economy of the country. Such people are given invitation to apply for Permanent Residency (PR), and they finally move to the nation.

Questions might be popping in your head that why Express Entry has become so popular among those individuals who are looking for the Maple Leaf Country, Well, in that case, take this into consideration. Under the system, there are three gateways that allow the movement, and if you fit best in any of these programmes, you will be given the chance to move to the overseas hotspot instantly.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme

The first is the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP). Under this programme, there is a National Occupation List (NOL) that Canada proposes, and if any aspiring immigrant fits in any of the jobs that are listed in the list t, they would be given the offer to move to the nation. Under the FSWP, you are required to fulfill basic requirements.

Take a look at the requirements that the Express Entry system seeks for skilled workers!

  • Under this programme, if you are moving as a skilled worker, you must have 1,560 hours of experience in a skilled job.
  • The job that you are engaged in should be paid.
  • You must appear in the NOC skill type
  • Your skill type should appear in the NOC level 0, A or B.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

The second scheme that can help you get immigration to Canada in 2015 is Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP). Under this programme, the applicants, who have exceptional skills in some trade, are given the invitation to come to the immigration hotspot, and exploit their skills for the development of the economy.

Under this programme, there are few requirements that are needed to be met. Take a look at them!

  • You must have valid job offer from any Canadian based employer who is willing to hire you for a respective trade.
  • You must plan to live outside Quebec.
  • You should be proficient in English and French and meet with the IELTS requirement under this scheme.
  • You must have at least two years of working experience in that respective trade for which you have applied.

Canadian Experience Class

The third programme in the list is Canadian Experience Class (CEC). For the CEC, you should have relevant experience of working in the Maple Leaf Country, and you must meet with the basic proficiency level in language and have the educational qualification to support the movement.

Summary: If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you must have the basic information of the program that can help you move instantly. Take a look at this piece to restructure everything.

Australian Recruiters Hunting For Qualified Overseas Manpower

As per a report from 2015 Hays Salary Guide, scarcities of skills are emerging in the jobs market of Australia with as much as 15% of the job-providers and firms reporting that they have lately faced trouble filling job-openings, and several of them will have to look out-of-the-country. The same denotes that those looking to shift to Oz in professions where skills are required like IT, engineering, accountancy, finance, etc., may receive sponsorship for a permit.

Australia Immigration Services

Australia Immigration Services

Roughly 62% of firms/recruiters stated they will mull over either recruiting or offering sponsorship to a qualified overseas or migrant applicant in skill short regions. Allegedly, the recruiters of Down Under face a tight labour market for exceedingly skilled experts in high skill businesses. Though over the couple of past years the skills shortage has become fairly relaxed, the same is presently building-up around high skill regions.

It is also claimed that the welcome increase in permanent signing-up is further putting pressure on the rather fragile demand & supply balance. The same highlights the requirement for recruiters/companies to keep on thinking out-of-the-box to draw applicants. Allegedly, the same is particularly crucial since 36% of recruiters maintained they look forward to their permanent staff levels to head north in the coming year.

For job hunters, it presents an excellent break to secure an employment opportunity that can provide career progress or long term career growth. Allegedly, via focusing on one’s long term career targets–instead of short term financial gains–the present market can give the breaks one requires to get his professional career to where the person eventually wants the same to be.

Summary: A report from the 2015 Hays Salary Guide says that scarcities of skills are emerging in the jobs market of Australia with 15% of job-providers and organizations reporting that they have lately been subjected to a great deal of trouble in filling job-openings, even while a number of them will have to look out-of-the-country.

For Denmark Immigration Points Calculator 2015 Will Play Vital Role

Denmark has been fraught with picturesque atmosphere, dynamic aura and truly vibrant people that have made this place completely haven to be addressed as adobe for anyone. Owing to these specialties that this country offers, none can deny that this place certainly resonates when it comes to immigration.

No matter whether you are a businessmen, student or skilled worker looking for lucrative and vibrant opportunities overseas, if you want a country that satiates you from all angles, it absolutely is the Nordic Country.

Denmark Immigration

Denmark Immigration

But the immigration process to the overseas hotspot is not such a child’s play as you believe it to be. This county thoroughly believes in investing in the human resources. So if you want your skills to be further polished to perfection, you got to have the best to stand among the rest.

To judge your competitiveness and prudence, the concerned immigration authorities have made arrangements for test based ranking system. In the immigration process to Denmark points calculator of 2015 play a crucial role for facilitating the movement.

If you are looking forward to Denmark, you must have the traits to define your competitiveness and that would be judged through the point based system to evaluate the competitiveness (or otherwise) of your application.

Let’s first understand the point based system in a brief way!

If you wish to move to Denmark, you have to overcome different barriers that the immigration system puts in the place, and the moment you overcome them one after another, your passage to Denmark becomes secure and less cumbersome.

Take a quick look at the point’s calculator system that has been helping folks to migrate to Denmark!

There is a vivid and dynamic provision ascertained in the Denmark immigration for the Green Card applicants. So, if you are applying for this style of immigration, the point based system can ease of innumerable hassles, if you satisfy the following requirements that are mentioned in this piece.

In the first place, the first determining factor that will decide your movement is the age. Under Denmark immigration Points Calculator System of 2015, if your age at the time of movement lies between 35-40 years, your possibilities will multiply since you will get 10 points straightway. At the same time, for those who are aged between 34 years or younger, they will have greater leverage since they would be scoring 15 points straightway for such credentials.

Employment scenarios with experience will also have additional benefits. So, if you have 3-5 years of experience in those jobs that are in high demand and mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Denmark, you will get 15 points. For those with 1-2 years of experience, they can get 10 points, and the last category with 3-5 years of experience in some other work will get 5 points for such credentials.

Hence, if you are planning for immigration to Denmark Points Calculator system of 2015 will definitely play a pivotal role for facilitating the movement.

Summary: If you are planning for Denmark, you must understand the points based system since it can provide the support for facilitating the movement quickly. For more insights, read this piece.

Know about Canada Express Entry Visa Programmes

Are you looking for someplace that is very close to the nature? Are you looking for opportunities? Are you interested in making the most from the skills that you possess? Do you want to enjoy living in a multicultural atmosphere?

Canada Immigration visa online

Well, if you answer to all these questions in an affirmative, in that case, you have come to the right place. In this piece, you will get to know about a country that guarantees all these things and how you can easily move to this country.

To all your inquisitiveness with respect to growth and closeness to nature, Canada is the best answer that you can have. This country is completely vibrant, and if once you visit this country, you will fully understand that why a huge chunk of people are looking forward to the Maple Leaf Country.

This year, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched a new initiative called Canada Express Entry visa. This visa entry system is unprecedented and it has kept the old and biased first-come-first-serve basis in the cold storage.

The best part about the visa through Express Entry system for Canada is that if you have skills, it will never go in vain and you will be rewarded in the best way for carrying those exceptional skills. The Express Entry system is unparalleled and it takes into consideration three styles of visa for movement and Permanent Residency (PR).

So, let’s quickly take a look at how Express Entry has transformed itself into an extraordinary programme that is converting thousands dreams into a reality.

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme

Under this style of Express Entry system, if you are skilled in a particular field and that work is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Canada, you can positively apply for the immigration and look forward to getting into the nation. But the most contentious issue is to meet with the requirements.

So, take a look at the requirements that FSWP seek.

  • You must have at least 1,560 hours of working experience in one full year.
  • The work that you were engaged in for that period of time must reflect in the paid category and you should be in the company’s payroll.
  • You must appear in the NOC skill type
  • You must also have Type 0, A or B in the National Occupation List.


  1. Federal Skilled Trades Programme

In this category of immigration, you can opt for a trade that is in high demand in the country and use it as a gateway for movement. But for acquiring the FSTP visa, you must fulfill these requirements.

  • You must plan to live outside Quebec.
  • You must qualify the language proficiency test.
  • You must have two years of work experience.
  • You should also have an offer from any Canadian employer representing any province.
  1. Canadian Experience Class

For applying under the CEC, you must have prior experience of working in the nation.

This style of visa will seek for these requirements:

  • You must have 12 months of fulltime experience.
  • Your experience should be valid and authorized.
  • You must meet with the language proficiency requirements.
  • You must plan to live outside Quebec.

Summary: If you are not aware of how you can easily move to Canada, probably you must give a look at this piece to restructure everything in the best way.

Canada Express Entry Visa–Some Questions & Answers

Migrating to the Maple Leaf country was never so easy, as it has become now with the introduction of Express Entry System. Today, prospective immigrants are eager and excited to acquire Canada Express Entry Visa. It is a Permanent Residence (PR) category and gives an easy opportunity to immigrants to live and work in the country indefinitely.

Canada Express Entry VisaSince ages, Canada has been a hot immigration destination. It is better to say that it is a country of immigrants with a considerable high ageing population. Its economy largely depends on immigrants. For qualified and eligible applicants, Canada Express Entry Visa has made the path to the country smoother.

If you are one of those prospective immigrants who dream to live and work in the country, then you should know in brief about the Express Entry System.

The system became active on the 1st January 2015, courtesy the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). It is a complete electronic system developed to handle applications under various economic programmes. It is not only one of the quickest but also the fastest systems ever introduced in the history of Canada Immigration.

The system has received universal acclamation, especially by those who were looking for an opportunity to immigrate to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

Some Questions & Answers

What is an Express Entry System?

It is a point based system developed on a similar model in practice in Australia and New Zealand. It has done away with the old norm of first come first basis. To apply, an applicant creates an on line profile, and submits an ‘Express of Interest’ stating why he wishes to live and work in the country. If he meets with the eligibility criteria for any of the economic programmes, he enters the Express Entry Pool and is ranked against other on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Applicants with high points will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), and they will not get more than 60 days to claim Permanent Residency (PR).

What is Comprehensive Ranking System?

It is an internal mechanism used to rank applicants on the basis of their human capital, determined by various factors, such as education qualification, age and language ability. Those who score high points on CRS are likely to be issued an ITA.

To qualify, does one need a prior job offer from a Canadian Employer?

A prior job offer from a Canadian Employer is not a condition. However, applicants with a job offer are given preference. Those without a job offer may register themselves with a Job Bank–an initiative of the Canadian Government to create a link between an employer and a job seeker.

Is there a cap restricting the number of applications accepted?

The system does not have a limitation on the number of applications accepted annually. This means candidates from wide fields can apply once they successfully meet the criteria and irrespective of the fact which profession they belong to they will be issued an ITA.

Immigration Consultants Play Significant Role

Immigration is a centuries old process. It is defined as a free movement of people from one country to another. Every year, millions of people immigrate. The reasons vary, some of the common reasons why people immigrate are family unification, economic growth, political instability, to study or simple wish to live in a more developed and peaceful environment.

Immigration consultants came into existence somewhere in the mid 90s when 100s of 1000s of qualified professionals started migrating to Europe and America and they started facing difficulty while processing their application but today it has rather become a common and important phenomenon.

Though these countries required skilled professionals in large numbers, the immigration rules and visa processing was stringent and complicated. To help people clearly understand the immigration laws and visa processing, immigration consultants came into existence.

These professionals play an important role in the life of an immigrant. They are basically authorized persons who help applicants move from their native country to the country of their choice using the legal pathway.

Some of the countries–such as the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Australia–are extremely popular among the prospective immigrates. Though no matter which country you wish to immigrate, it is not an easy task. The immigration procedure requires a stringent process to be followed which seems to be complicated and lengthy to be understood by an alien.

Immigration Consultants are experienced experts in their field with legal expertise, and demonstrated knowledge of immigration and visa laws makes them all the more valuable. Most of the countries have authorized immigration bodies that provide license to eligible and deserving consultants who have thorough knowledge about the immigration and visa rules and procedure of that specific country.

For example, the Land of Kangaroos, Australia, provides license through Migration Agents Registration Authority. The Maple Leaf Country, Canada, provides license through Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

The number of people who wish to immigrate to a foreign country is large, but only a certain percentage of people successfully immigrate, and these experts have an important role to play.

Now let’s look at some of the benefits enjoyed by the candidates if they take the services of immigration consultants!

  • They are completely dedicated towards their profession, and many of them work 24*7 just to make sure that candidates do not miss a deadline.
  • They help you get relief from mental pressure and social stress.
  • They are not in the industry to make quick bucks. They are here to develop professional relationship and earn respect. Therefore, they do not give false hope to candidates. They believe in maintaining complete transparency while processing the application on your behalf.
  • They win the trust and confidence of the candidates and guide them like a guardian at each and every step.
  • Their charges are pretty nominal depending on the kind of services you are availing which can be paid in easy installments.
  • At their end, they make every effort to help you live your immigration dreams.
  • They are the experts providing all possible solution related to immigration under the same roof. Some of the experts also provide post immigration services.

Summary: No matter which country you have decided to immigrate immigration consultants play a important role. The concept of immigration consultants is a centuries.

Britain Spreads Extreme Dislike & Lies on Immigration, Claims EU President

The incumbent European Parliament president has reportedly stated that the discussion of the UK on the membership of the European Union (EU) is propelled by extreme hatred, lies, besides terror mongering about the visitors from Eastern Europe.

UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa

Bias against Eastern European Immigrants

He stated that many people in Europe and also in the UK are making efforts to generate new barriers between nations. He also criticized the widespread practice of rousing an emotion of terror over supposed benefits visitors from Bulgaria & Romania eager to pillage the social structure of the host nations. Checking access to gains for a maximum of four years for the migrants from the EU is a major component of the British PM’s proposals to rein in immigration to Britain.

European Parliament president stressed that the fact it is not possible for nobody to visit another Member State, minus a job and right away claim social gains. The fact is that nobody can for ever claim a right of residence, in case they lack adequate means and have no real possibility of getting a job. The fact is that nations gain from the mobile citizens of the EU.

Observations Arrive Post Meeting With British Premier

The remarks were made just hours post the president met with the UK PM to talk about a renegotiation of the UK’s association with the EU before Britain’s in/out referendum on Europe after two years, in 2017.

Despite the fact that the president did not condemn the British PM in open words, he did not hesitate from mounting an attack on the undertone of national anger in Britain’s talk on immigration, and asserted facts are 100% twisted.

Are You Ambitious Businessman? Get Business Visa for Australia Immigration!

Australia has a strong business penchant, and being amongst the driving economies of the world, at present this country has been receiving attention from diverse corners. In most of the cases, the investors are interested in the nation owing to the stable economy and innumerable benefits that the government offers to the investors.

Get Business Visa for Australia Immigration

Get Business Visa for Australia Immigration

At the same time, the ready demand for the goods and services produced also provides the much needed fillip to the investors to come forward and invest in the country. In most of the cases, there are innumerable investors who are looking for real time investment for monetary benefits.

However, there are exceptions in this lot and they are not just confined to monetary benefits rather they want PR as well in Oz, and Business Visa for immigration to Australia provides the right platform for this pursuit. So, if you are a businessman, and you want to expand your territory, you can always look forward to Down Under for helping you come up with the dreams that you have been cherishing all this while.

First and foremost let’s throw some light on the business immigration, and then you will also come to know few basics things that you must keep in mind while selecting immigration attorneys!

Business Immigration Visa for Australia

If you are interested towards setting up a new venture in the immigration hotspot, and you have decided to make the investment as per the needs and recommendation of the business immigration program, you will get the chance to move to the country. However, you must have prior experience to restructure that in the first place.

In most cases, you must have at least 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur if you want the Business Immigration Visa. More consideration would be given to those enthusiastic investors who have decided to setup the industries and manufacturing units in those areas that are reeling under stagnancy in growth and job.

At the same time, keep one thing in mind: mere immigration will not be the end of the story. You will have to give your best efforts to create jobs in the first on year of the stay. In case you are able to get that streamlined, you will be able to make things happen in the best way.

Though Business Investor Immigration is often interpreted as a safe passage for immigration, if you are looking forward to getting it, you must have the best attorney. Now, you may ask that what defines the best immigration attorney. In that case, take a look at few of the things that you must seek in them!

Specialization: If you are able to get an agent who specializes in the business style immigration, he would be aware of the diverse angles and he will provide the right information that can help you in the best way.

Certification: Always look forward to certified advisor, as if you are availing a certified professional, having the experience and knowledge, he will definitely bring about a difference that is so much needed for movement.

Aspirants Involved In Bogus Weddings Will Be Denied Canada Permanent Resident Card

Residing in Canada certainly sounds really wonderful. However, do you possess the correct documents? Without a doubt, getting Canada Permit may not a cakewalk. One can submit a petition for Canada Visa either online or via a professional visa agent. The official Canadian embassy website proffers additional support and help on the process to submit an application online.

Canada Immigration Visa Online

Canada Immigration Visa Online

Permit through Sponsor

If you are legally wedded, and your better half stays in the Maple Leaf Country, then you can reside in the nation with your spouse being your sponsor. Your petition will be duly considered for the Permanent Resident (PR) Card conditionally, in case you have been residing with your sponsor for two years and above. After you have received your PR Card, your immigration position in the country will be pretty safe.

However, this also necessitates that the wedding has to be a real one and not a fake one. In case in between the time period of the conditional two years, you are being exploited, or you are subjected to any kind of trouble, and so you are not in a position to stay with your sponsor, do not leave your sponsor, but check with a Canadian immigration attorney at once for further help and guidance.

No More Forged Bills, Documents

Getting visa from the Maple Leaf Country involves a thorough examination by the nation’s embassy. Instances of bogus marriage papers being presented, for getting a PR Card in the nation, are widespread even as majority of the tricksters lack proper papers.

And, they tend to submit an application for visa, via presenting phony marriage papers with a person staying in the Maple Leaf Country as their sponsor. If the embassy learns that the matrimony is not genuine, then you could be exiled from the country, and your Canadian immigration may be done away with, even if you may have received your PR Card.

With a view to make the process harder and check cases of malpractices, the concerned officers at the embassy have started to cross check each and every feature related to the marriage–right from the pictures to questioning on each other’s personal particulars.

In addition, laws have been amended to make it stricter, that PR position could be given conditionally in case the couple resides jointly for two or more years, and that the sponsor cannot offer sponsorship to any person for the coming 5 years, from the date of separation from the previous. The same aids to check cases of misconducts.

Avoid Faking Wedding, Submit Application For Job!

In case you are really keen to stay in the overseas hotspot, then wedding is not the only solution. The nation is always open to trained manpower. Canada jobs may proffer you an excellent uplift in your profession and career.

Learn more about employment Canada, and present an application for the one that suits you. Your recruiter/firm will provide you with Work Permit even while you can straight away get in touch with your immigration attorney for aid and guidance.