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Canada Temporary Resident Visa–Some Useful Details

Every year, the popular overseas immigration destination of Canada gives a red-carpet welcome to over 35 million impermanent residents (non-immigrants). Until and unless they happen to be the citizens of a nation that is visa-exempt, people–who want to gain admission into the Maple Leaf Country, for a short-term object, like; for instance, travelers, provisional workers from abroad (Work Visas) and international students (Study Visas)—have to submit an application for, and be given what is called a Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

It is basically a document offered from an Immigration Visa Office of Canada, situated outside the territorial jurisdictions of the nation, proving that the holder has appropriately catered to the prerequisites for entrance to the nation, as a tourist. The TRVs could be for single admission or multiple admissions.

Normally, the visitors are given right of entry for a time-frame of 6 months. Temporary overseas employees & global students are given entrance for different time-frames, as suitably decided on an individual ground. And extensions could be applied for inside the country.

It needs to be mentioned here that the possession of a legal TRV does not essentially denote that the concerned officer–from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), posted at the Canadian Port of Entry–will given admission to the guest into the nation.

At the Port of Admission, it is vital that every tourist shows that the object of his trip to the country is purely of an impermanent nature. The officials of the CIC, posted at the Port of Admission, will refuse entrance to all those, who, they believe, do not aim to leave the nation at the termination of their visitor positions.

Apart from this, criminality & medical matters can also stop a tourist from gaining admission into the nation. Guests to the country ought to also be in a position to establish their capability to maintain themselves all through their planned temporary residence in the Maple Leaf Country.

The nation’s immigration arrangement is quite inclusive and liberal simultaneously. The same enables overseas people the opportunity to arrive in the country–whether the same is for commerce, work, study, or enjoyment. Still, the nation’s immigration is rather nuanced and systematic.  It signifies that one ought to guarantee that he is forever in agreement with the nation’s Immigration Act and Regulations, and also with the conditions of the officially permitted position that he has been given to go into the nation.

It is critical, at all times, to take care that one has a suitable legal standing in the country. In one’s capacity as a Temporary Resident, the person should be conscious of the legitimacy of his Canada Temporary Resident Visa. In case his permit is about to lose it legal validity before long, and he wishes to stay in the nation for a longer period, he should take the needed measures, to extend the time-frame of his certified stay in the Maple Leaf Country.

Farmers in Oz Support Improvements to Seasonal Permit Laws

According to a report, the farmers in Western Australia (WA) desire the nation’s visa structure to be duly amended to enable them to employ the labor force from abroad–on both a repeat and a seasonal ground. Every year, the farmers require seasonal personnel to work through busy time-frames, like harvest and seed time; for instance. However, discovering the local persons, for employment on a short term basis, may not be really easy.

Through the present visa systems, it is over and over again impracticable to take on the identical individuals, on a seasonal ground, regardless of the farmers being interested in skilled & good workers, and the employees wishing to return back. The farmers, reportedly, have been lobbying the current assistant immigration minister and she has, reportedly, stated that she is not 100% against the proposal.

The trouble with the 457 Permit–the most well-liked visa for impermanent workers from out of the country–is that the holders require working on a permanent ground, and not on a seasonal basis. It denotes that every year the farmers have no options except to hunt for fresh workers even as they are finding it growingly difficult to manage.

Compounding their woes is the fact that the farms, located in the region, i.e., the WA, are comparatively more geographically cut-off, vis-à-vis anywhere in the nation, even while farmers assert that it is not viable to look forward to the farmers paying for full time employees when they weren’t required.

In the meantime, Immigration Australia has substantiated that 6 businesses from the WA are being probed as a component of a national clampdown on the 457 Permit Plan scam.

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Lithuania Cuisine—a Quick Look

Lithuania is a European state. The Baltic nation has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union (EU), and stands 17th in the world in the Ease of Doing Business Index. The nation is famous for many reasons. Apart from high standard of living, promising economy, and an easy entry to the EU, the beautiful country is also celebrated for one more reason, and that is Lithuania Cuisine.

By and large, the Lithuanians are foodie, and they enjoy food the most. The tradition of eating well and that also nutritious food is inherited from their ancestors. They believed that ‘One he who eats well, works well’. The traditional cuisine is simple, yet it has a variety of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Most of them are hearty and suitable for the cold Eastern European winters.

The cuisine of Lithuania is normally mild. Bread and potatoes are the staple food followed by pork as the favorite meat, though a large number of people prefer beef and chicken as well. Coastal areas are known for its traditional sea food. Beets, potatoes, greens, berries, rye, mushrooms and barley are grown locally and dairy products are its specialties.

The country has not developed its cuisine overnight but has taken centuries to develop a unique taste and flavor. Lithuania Cuisine has largely been influenced by neighboring states. It is the only European country where you may get to taste the unique snacks with beer. Stuffs like peas, garlic bread, with ribs, smoked pig ears, smoked cheese, and plums with various fillings are enjoyed with beer.

If you ask for one of the most exotic Lithuanian dishes it has to be ‘vėdarai or ‘potato sausages’. It is made of pork intestines, stuffed with grated raw potato and baked in a wood stove or in an electric oven. Among the drinks, the locally brewed beer (alus), kvass (gira) and vodka (degtinė) are quite popular drinks.

And when it comes to soups, the cuisine includes a variety which includes meat soup, vegetable soup and soup with chicken even beer soup is preferred by many. The most interesting and mostly preferred by majority is šaltibarščiai, cold beetroot soup, made up of beets/beetroot, kefir (a fermented milk product, greens and boiled eggs. It becomes lip-smacking when it is served on a hot summer day.

Each region has its own cuisine and specialty. It is often said that said that the country does not have only one national cuisine, but many. Aukštaitija is a specialty of central/northeastern Lithuania and is known for its dough-based dishes like dumplings and pancakes. Majorly, the dishes made of meat are famous, including skilandis; it is cold-smoked pig’s stomach stuffed with minced meat and garlic, sausages and hams and Žemaitija. The northwestern Lithuania is known for its potato dishes.

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Attention 2173 Software Engineers and Designers, Canada Immigration Beckons You

In the 21st century, the profession for Software Engineers and Designers is regarded very important and lucrative, even as it has grown at a rather fast rate. And the specialists, involved with the line-of-work, are offered a high salary, and are in high demand in almost every part of the world with Canada being no exception.

Today, the scope of these experts has spread from computer operating systems to video games. These days, many of the technologies, that we rely upon, are supported by software. These professionals either specialize in computer software applications or computer software systems. To grow, it is necessary for these professionals to keep themselves fully updated with the latest updates because technology constantly evolves.

The remarkable thing is that job-opportunities for such professionals have grown much rapidly than the ones found in other occupations. In many countries, they are required in impressive numbers, and, as mentioned before, the Maple Leaf Country is no exception.

Most of the people are well aware about the country’s background. The famous immigration hotspot has been ranked as one of the finest nations globally. Coming back to the key issue at hand, trained Software Engineers and Designers–who are motivated towards Canada Immigration–can easily do so using the 2173 Code.

Job Profile

These specialists are involved with designing, studying, appraising, integrating & maintaining software applications, technical settings, operating systems, embedded software, telecommunications software and information warehouses. The services of these experts are required in various sectors; for instance, Information Technology (IT) research and development groups, IT consulting organizations, and IT units–both in the private and public sectors. They also have an option of being self-employed.

Key Requirements

Software Engineers and Designers 2173 motivated with Canada immigration should have following credentials:

Either a Bachelor’s Degree, in computer science, software engineering, computer systems engineering or mathematics for high designation either a doctoral or master’s degree in an associated subject is required. In order to approve engineering drawings & reports–and also to do a job as a Professional Engineer–you are required to obtain a license by a provincial or territorial association of the Professional Engineers.

Major Responsibilities

In the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ these experts are expected to perform following responsibilities:

1. Design, build-up and synchronize the development and installation of the computer-based systems and make an inventory of users requirements and build-up logical and physical specifications.

2. Lead and organize the team of information systems experts in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems.

3. Perform research and appraise the technical information with a view to develop, design and test the computer-based systems and maintain statistics, process and network models with a view to optimize the architecture and assess the show of the designs.

Professional Titles

Some given titles to these professionals are as follows:-

  • application architect
  • artificial intelligence (AI) designer
  • artificial intelligence designer
  • computer applications engineer
  • computer software engineer
  • computer telecommunications software specialist
  • design engineer, software
  • designer, software
  • embedded software engineer
  • engineer, software
  • simulation software design engineer
  • software architect
  • software design engineer
  • systems designer – software
  • systems engineer – software
  • systems integration engineer – software
  • technical architect – software
  • telecommunications software engineer
  • telecommunications software specialist
  • test engineer, software
  • testing engineer, software

Scope in Canada

Skilled Software Engineers and Designers need not worry about their job prospects in Canada as the future has a lot to offer to them. Some trade analysts believe that the demand for such specialists is likely to increase at a much faster pace. But their job, at times, may ask for long working hours and tight deadlines. In this backdrop, if you are ready to give more than 100%, Canada is more than ready to give a red-carpet welcome to you.

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Do You Want Canada Temporary Resident Visa? What You Need to Know

The Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada, draws individuals from across the globe, for numerous reasons, with touring the country, for sightseeing purposes, being just one such motive. The aspirant needs a Visitor Permit for the purpose, and with a view to get hold of the same, the candidate ought to get hold of Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) even as it’s comparable to a Visitor Permit.

Those who are impermanent residents in the nation with a valid position (it means they possess a legal Study Visa or Work Visa), can submit an application for a fresh Temporary Resident Permit to go back to the nation, prior to they go away.

One can present a petition in Canada in case he is legally admitted, is a student or overseas worker in the nation with a Canadian residential address, his present temporary resident position is still legitimate, and his current permit counterfoil is no more valid, or was lawful for just single admission, and he requires a fresh TRV to go back to the Maple Leaf Country sometime later.

Obtaining TRV could not be a simple affair. With a view to be a qualified candidate, it is vital that the applicant convinces the concerned Canadian Visa officials at his Canadian Consular Centre or Embassy that he is an appropriate aspirant for the permit.

The visa officials will reflect over these points to judge your rights of admission:

1. Will you go back to your home nation, post your visit to the nation?

2. Do you have adequate ties to your home nation that will pull you back from the Maple Leaf Country on time?

3. Do you have satisfactory funds to support yourself during your visit to the nation?

4. Do you have a house or a place to reside in the nation, for the duration of your trip?

5. What’s the planned time-frame of your trip?

6. Have you made a trip to the country during the past?

Each of the above given issues will be carefully examined by the visa official, prior to taking a decision. So, you ought to include all the required papers and information that illustrate how and why you are entitled under these issues. Usually, a nicely documented, vigilantly prepared petition has a superior chance of being accepted.

It’s extremely crucial for you to know that getting a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada in not the last and the final procedure until you successfully turn-up at the Canadian port of admission. Cases are aplenty where admission has not been given to overseas people on the TRVs since the concerned visa and immigration officer reported that the aspirant was inadmissible. In this backdrop, it is vital that you are unambiguous about what you actually say to the official and also the actual reason for your visit.

Know How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia

Does the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, i.e., Australia, attract you? Are you interested in permanently settling down in the country of the crystal-clear beaches and all round prosperity? If ‘Yes’, then you are on the right page. Let’s know how to successfully apply for permanent residence in Australia, and the various options that we have for the same.

For permanent residence (PR) in the country, one needs an Australian Permanent Visa. It is given to the non-citizens of Oz. Once you have productively obtained the residency, you can live and work in any Australian territory, without any restrictions whatsoever and that too indefinitely, provided; of course, if you do not violate or break any law of the land.
At what stage you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency?

You are entitled to submit a petition for PR once you have lived and worked in a specified regional area of the immigration hotspot for at least two years. It may also include being self-employed in the same year for at least a year, or else you have obtained a sponsorship as per the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia

You have a quite a large option to choose from. Some of the valid options available are as follows:

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program: The object of this very popular scheme is to draw exceedingly employable individuals for migration to Oz even as it’s the most common way of migration to the nation. Significantly, it provides one of the best opportunities to the skilled professionals to live and work in Oz. They can use their employment experience, educational qualifications, language proficiency, and expertise to meet the criteria for a Permanent Australia Visa.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): It is a point based permit for skilled professionals who are not sponsored by a state/territory, their employer or a respective family member. The stated visa permits you and your family to live and work in the area of choice. To process your application, you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI), and if you are invited you have 60 days to process your petition further. This category has replaced offshore Skilled – Independent Subclass 175 Visa and the onshore Subclass 885 Visa.

Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa: It is a point based permit and for skilled professionals who are nominated by Australian state/territory. When an applicant gets his letter of invitation, he ought to also have: nominated a line-of-work that is on the germane Skilled Occupation List (SOL); received an appropriate skills appraisal for that profession; not still become 50 years old; attained the score detailed in his letter of invite based on the issues in the points test; not less than good English language skills; and been offered nomination from a government bureau of either any Australian territory or state.

Along with the main applicant, the family members are also eligible to enjoy the same status. First and foremost, you have to submit an EoI, through Skill Select. You can do the same, either from inside or outside the country, and if you are nominated by a state/ territory and meet the criteria, you will receive an invitation to proceed further. The Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Permit has replaced offshore Skilled Sponsored Subclass 176 Visa and the onshore Subclass 886 Visa.

Besides the above mentioned visa classes, you also have an option to choose from the Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa, and the humanitarian program meant for the refugees and many more.

Amendments in any of the program are not subject to prior notice. Therefore it is beneficial and advisable to consult an immigration expert. These consultants have a strong network, and if any amendment is done, they are the first one to get updated and save you from last minute changes and confusion.

Key Steps to Fruitful Petition for Canada Work Permit That You Need to Know

The candidates for the popular and the widely preferred Canada Work Permit require knowing that presenting a submission for the same. i.e., Work Permit for Canada, frankly speaking, is not a very complex or tough procedure, as believed by some people. Actually, it may be a rather hassle-free development, provided one makes certain to pursue the requisite process the way it ought to be.

Make Thorough Preparation

To begin with, it is vital that the candidate begins his work well ahead of the time when he wants to do a job in the Maple Leaf Country. He would do well to commence groundwork for his Work Permit petition for Canada in 2014, in case he wants to take up any job in the immigration hotspot the next year, i.e., in 2015.

Listing for Internship

In case the aspirant is keen to do a job as, say–a snowboard coach or a ski coach in the nation—he requires getting himself duly listed for any internship scheme, via getting in touch with the Winter Sports Firm, using the concerned executive’s phone number or via some other way. He also requires taking a note that the figure of internship positions is restricted. Therefore, it is vital that he does not waste any time and hurries-up in filing a petition for registration.

Preliminary Work

To fruitfully do a job in the country, the applicant requires presenting a petition for a Work Visa for Canada. He requires being from 18 to 30 years. He also ought to have a legal passport and successfully sail through a criminal check. It is also crucial that he presents duly scanned reproductions of documents as evidence for address. These certificates/papers comprise, among others, his passport or driving license–whatever the case may be–together with a petition fee.

Get Every Paper Ready

It is also crucial that the candidate gets each and every necessary document ready well in advance of the time of the submission of the petition, for a Work Visa, for the Maple Leaf Country, with the reason being not more than 1500 visas are up for grabs even while these may be grabbed very quickly by the candidates.

Day of Petition

On the day of the petition submission for a Work Permit, the candidate requires opening what is called an account with the immigration officers, prior to entering his petition together with the uploading of his certificates/papers. The aspirant is also advised to keep these, i.e., certificates/papers, well organized.

In case he becomes successful, in the primary round for his Canada Work Permit petition, he can unwind and have a great time. Some questions related to the aspirant’s Canada Visa petition may be asked by the concerned officials from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), via e-mails. The aspirant is advised to respond sooner than later.

Are You Interested in Services to Skilled Migrants Subclass 489

Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489 Visa is basically a 4-year Provisional Permit under which the visa holders require to live and work in an Australian regional area to obtain Permanent Residency (PR). In order to meet the requirements, it is necessary that you are sponsored by a relative already living within the Australian territory.

To avail the services to Skilled Migrants Subclass 489 for Australia, you can either be located inside the country or outside the country. While applying–if you are within the Australian territory–you will need to possess either a Substantive Visa, or either of these–a Bridging A, B, or C Visa. Once you have applied from within the nation, you will be granted a Bridging Permit permitting you to remain in Down Under while your visa application is processed.

How to process the application?

To submit an application–for a Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) Subclass 489 visa–at first, you must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI), through SkillSelect, and should be invited by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to present a petition.

Post invitation, you must submit your application within 60 days, otherwise the invitation will lapse. All the more it is important that you have all the required documents prepared to lodge at the earliest after receiving the invitation.

Basic Criteria

To be accepted, the first and the foremost, you have to Lodge an Expression of Interest and should be invited by DIAC to apply. Secondly, you should be sponsored by a relative already staying in a Designated Area, or duly nominated by a State or Territory Government. Thirdly, you need to score the passing marks in the skilled migration points test. At the present, the passing marks are 60.

Fourthly, you should be from the age group of 18-49. Fifthly, you should pass the Skill Assessment in an occupation mentioned on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Sixthly, you should have scored at least 6 points in the IELTS, or should be as holder of approved passports. And lastly, you should successfully meet the health and character requirements.

You can easily apply for the Subclass 489, if your sponsor is an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or an Eligible New Zealand Citizen. You can be sponsored by only following relatives, namely, Parents Uncles and Aunts, First Cousins, Brothers and Sisters, Grandparents, Nephews, and Nieces.

To make the grade for PR in case if you are sponsored by a relative, you will have to live, for a minimum period of 2 years, and work full time for at least 12 months, in a regional or low population growth area.


The visa is granted for a period of four years on a provisional basis. You and your family members can only live, work, and/or study in an approved regional area. The area varies depending whether you are sponsored by a relative or by the State or Territory Government. If you were outside Australia while your visa was processed, you and your family members will have to enter Oz for the first time, prior to the expiry of your health and police clearance.


The permit enables you & those who are dependants on you to:

1. Provisionally stay and do a job in a chosen regional area in Oz;

2. Enroll for study courses in a specific regional area of Down Under;

3. Travel in and out of the country during the legal validity of the permit; and

4. Submit an application for PR; via the Skilled Regional (Residence) Permit (subcategory 887) post some conditions have been fulfilled.

Taking Help from Visa Advisors

If you wish to get hold of the Skilled Migrants Subclass 489 for Australia, without any difficulties, and/or wish to know how to make the visa process smooth and hassle-free, seek and get professional services from the specialists. Let these experts guide and show you the way. For a small fee, you can tremendously boost your chances of making the cut and being accepted for the visa in question.

Which is Best Country for Physiotherapists

The modern lifestyle and round-the-clock working hours have increased the demand for skilled Physiotherapist across the globe—especially in some specific immigration destinations such as; for instance, the US, Australia, the US, and the UK. The demand has increased significantly over the years, but when it comes to best country for Physiotherapists, the answer is arguably the ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, i.e., Canada.

Why Canada is Number 1 Nation for Physiotherapists!

The Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada, is a highly developed nation. Living standards are very high, and the wages paid to skilled professionals perhaps the best in the world. Trained Physiotherapists get handsome wages in the country and are easily hired. Importantly, at the present, these specialists are officially wanted in the nation under the Code 3142.
Significantly, in the country, these professionals have developed an expertise in various areas, like Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Senior’s Health, Sports Physiotherapy, and Rheumatology, not to mention Women’s Health. There is a significant growing need for these experts with specialized expertise through the country. The demand for these professionals is extremely high in some particular areas like British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Halifax, and Ontario.

Job Description

In Canada, these experts are responsible to assess the patients, plan and execute individually designed treatment program, to make the physical functioning better, prevent physical dysfunction, and also alleviate pain in the patients. The services of these experts are largely required in clinics, sports business, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals. They may also be fruitfully self-employed and earn good wages.

Key Responsibilities

Know let’s have a look at the major job responsibilities that these experts are required to deliver.

  • Review patients’ physical potential, or otherwise, and evaluative procedures for their improvement.
  • Establish and start executing treatment goals based on their physical diagnoses.
  • Plan and perform programs of Physiotherapy.
  • Weigh-up and examine the effectiveness and value of the treatment plans, and adjust them in view of that.
  • Act together with the referring physicians and other related healthcare experts involving patient’s issues and progress.
  • Continue an inventory of patients’ clinical and numerical records, and also check with the concerned healthcare professionals.
  • Develop and carry-out health programs for patients and perform study in their field.
  • Under the code 3142, following are the titles entitled to them
  • physical therapy supervisor
  • physiotherapist
  • physiotherapist, research
  • physiotherapy clinical co-coordinator
  • physiotherapy supervisor
  • registered physical therapist
  • registered physiotherapist
  • research physical therapist
  • research physiotherapist
  • supervisor, physical therapy
  • supervisor, physiotherapy
  • therapist, physical rehabilitation

Every professional wants to earn the best in industry and Physiotherapist are no different. However, the pay package paid to these professionals is not the best in the industry. A good start can be anything between $31,467 and $50,470 which is likely to increase with time and experience.

To provide your services to the ‘Most Peaceful Nation on Earth’, i.e., Canada, you need to have a university degree in Physiotherapy, and also a fixed period of supervised practical training. This is essential to practice in any Canadian province of your choice. You are also required to obtain a license or registration with a regulatory body along with a completion certificate of the Physiotherapy National Exam, administered by the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulatory Boards.
No profession has a shortcut to success and Physiotherapists follow the same rule. Promotion to management positions—like; for instance, director of physiotherapy–is possible with time, and only through experience and practical training.

If you are a practicing Physiotherapist in your country but not paid as per your ability, then you have a really good choice. The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’ is ready to not only give you a rather warm welcome but also pay you as per your credentials and experience. Immigrate to the best country for physiotherapists!

Get Migration Permit for Australia, Know How to Do It

As per some immigration observers, Australia holds the Number 1 position amongst the many leading immigration destinations of the globe, what with millions of people applying for Australian visas every year from across the globe. Most of the overseas immigration motivated people want to be a part of this developed global economy to make their life relatively easy, comfortable and wealthy.

Many candidates visit the nation to enjoy its wonderful tourist spots, and/or meet family members or close friends. Some visit the nation for medical or health reasons while many others make a trip to the country to get quality education at some of the best educational centres in the world. All these people seek and get a valid migration permit to Australia for the purpose.

Skilled Migrant Visa is one of the most valuable visas which facilitate hassle-free entry to the Kangaroo Land. In other words, the applicant’s unique skills help him in grabbing the entry to Down Under with these permits. These visas give the opportunity of higher growth and development in Oz. The nominated skill should be covered under the heading of SOL (Skilled Occupation List). Under this scheme, the aspirant is judged upon his educational qualifications, employment experience, age, language skills, and his ability of adjusting in the nation.

Subclass 189 is another migration permit to Australia. It is basically a Skilled Independent Visa which is totally based on the point system. The permit allows the aspiring migrants to live and work permanently in the Kangaroo Land without the requirement of any sponsor. He enjoys the freedom of bringing his family and deponents to the nation even as they also enjoy the same rights as enjoyed by the migrant.

The applicant has to submit an application mentioning his skills. If the concerned visa and immigration authorities find the skill selected by the applicant is wanted in the Kangaroo Land, his chances of getting selected become high. The aspirant’s age should not be more than 50 years and he ought to posses English language skills. The pass marks score for applying under this subclass is 60 points.

Apart from the Subclass 189 there is yet another highly useful visa for the Australia immigration motivated candidates and that is the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa. Besides meeting the necessary requirements of the Subclass Visa 189, the applicant has to additionally meet the necessities of health and character requirements.

Point based skilled migration is essentially meant for the candidates who are either sponsored by the state or by a relative who is a resident of the Kangaroo Land. The validity of the visa is for 4 years, even as the candidate should have lived and worked in the country during this period.

Under all these permit classes it is essential that the aspirant selects his skills under SkillSelect where upon he will be invited to lodge an application. The application must be accompanied with the relevant proof of the information/details submitted with the visa application.

As per some latest updates, at the present, Australia is battling the shortage of professionals from various vocations. Skilled candidates are seriously wanted in the country even as the concerned body, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), is more than ready to proffer migration permits for Australia to trained aspirants provided, of course, if they fulfill the basic requirements.

For instance currently, qualified migrants who wish to make their career in old age care centers, are welcome in the country. Australia is facing the problem of aged population and decreased workforce to take care of its old and diseased people. Therefore, those who are eager to get a migration permit for Australia would do well to move ahead in a rather proper and methodical manner.

As mentioned before, the DIBP is more than eager to give a red-carpet welcome to the qualified applicants. Trained aspirants get a Skilled Worker Permit for Australia; begin the visa and immigration procedure to the world famous immigration hotspot NOW!