Amendments to the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa Scheme of Australia

Pursuant to a latest report, the Government of Australia has recently declared certain amendments to the permanent employer-sponsored visa scheme of the nation. The said report has also revealed that these changes or amendments will be effective from 1 July, 2012.

The main purpose of these changes is to transform the present immigration system of Australia into a much faster and flexible system, which will help in fulfilling the economic needs of the nation and respond swiftly to the demand of its labor market, and make sure that limited program destinations go to those individuals making the greatest contribution in this Kangaroo Land.

However, the amendments to the permanent employer-sponsored visa scheme of Australia also have influence on three programs, such as: Employer Nomination Scheme, Labor Agreements program and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

In the year of 2011, a complete review on the permanent employer-sponsored visa scheme with public conference was organized where following changes were made:

  • Breaking up the current visa subclasses from 6 to 2 by eliminating the present differences between inside and outside the country and substitute the permanent labor agreement visa with categories in the Employer Nomination Scheme and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme;
  • Introduction of an improved and simple way to obtain permanent residency of Australia for qualified Temporary Business subclass 457 (Long Stay) visa holder;
  • Raise in the upper age limit of the applicants to up-to 50 years;
  • Amendments to the main visa criteria, which include: proficiency in English language and requirements of other skills;
  • Introduction of a single consolidated sponsored list of
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