Asian Immigration Heading North: Australian Research

It’s an open secret that the immigrants from across the globe constitute an important component of the Australian population. To say that people from abroad actually define the populace of Australia, and make the country what it is presently, won’t be an exaggeration.

A survey made available the other day by Canberra reveals that more than a quarter of the f India and China. The research further says that 5.3 million first generation people of Australia stay throughout the length and breadth of the Kangaroo Land even as 82% of the same stay across the capital cities of the various Australian states.

The study continues that the most significant section of, what is called the 1st generation people of Australia, arrive from Great Britain. Further, 1.1 million persons–who were born in the said nation, i.e., Great Britain–now stay as Australians in the Kangaroo Land. They consist of 20.8% of the fresh Australians even as New Zealand offers the second largest number of the fresh Australians. As many as 483,400 people of the Kiwi Land, i.e., New Zealand, have moved to Australia.

But, a development towards enhanced movement from Asia exists. As many as 295,400 individuals born in India have shifted to Down Under. There are in addition 319,000 new Australians, who come from the People’s Republic of China. An important section of the migrants also arrive from the countries of Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Remarkably, India is the most common place of birth of those immigrants who have turned-up on the Australian soils since 2007.

Several people consider themselves as having origin in Great Britain. Further, 36.1% of the people of Australia categorize themselves as English by heritage even as it is superior to the 35.4%, who consider themselves as Australians. Besides, 10.4% people think themselves as Irish and 8.9% as having Scottish origin. Further, 4.3% believe that their place of birth is China, and 2% think India to be their place of birth.

The study continues that 7.2% of the people of Down Under are presently of the non-Christian civilizations and cultures, and 2.2% of the common populace consists of the Muslims while 1.3% of the Hindus. Significantly, Hinduism is the quickest developing religion in the nation, maintains the research.

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