Australian Greens, Labor Veto Temporary Protection Permits

australian-greensIn a somewhat major development, the Australian Senate has reportedly foiled the Coalition administration’s reintroduction of the, much talked about though controversial, temporary protection permits. The Greens & the Labor joined hands to give green signal to a disallowance motion in the Senate, by 36 votes to 26, to cancel the contentious permits.

The coalition regime reintroduced the said visas through law during the month of October as an important plank of its uncompromising Operation Sovereign Borders plan targeted at daunting asylum-seeker water-vessel voyages. It should presently wait for a period of 6 months to re-launch the rule of the same substance.

Meanwhile, talking about the development, a concerned Australian senator reportedly proclaimed that the unkindness & nastiness, on the part of the administration, should not hurt those who had experienced so much pain & anguish already. She added the said refugees will not have to exist in nothingness any longer. The senator stressed that the permits were never a deterrent; they only disciplined & controlled the most defenseless & helpless.

In a related development, another concerned person said that, in case Labor backed the motion, it only showed that they were solidly behind the human-traffickers business replica. She added that the option for the opposition was extremely clear, prior to launching a rather ferocious assault on the preceding Labor administration’s alleged catastrophic and tragic heritage on the refuge-seeker vessel arrivals.

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