Bc pnp application forms

BC or British Columbia, a province of the Canadian region has a special program for pacing up the procedure of permanent residency of individuals having temporary residency in this province. Termed as the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, this is applicable for skilled workers and people having a successful business in BC.

PNP of British Columbia is a program that allows individuals to apply for permanent residency under the nominal stream. A nominal stream is processed faster than a federal stream and that is why PNP has huge takers in British Columbia. This PNP is carried out by the Ministry associated with Jobs, Innovation and Tourism of BC.

Two specific categories under which individuals can apply are stated under BC PNP. These are Strategic Occupations and Business Immigrants. These two groups have different clauses and eligibility conditions. The group of Strategic Occupations tries to retain qualified foreign workers in BC. Individuals applying under this component should possess a job offer from an employer of BC or should have completed a masters degree from an institute of BC. Individuals completing doctoral programs are also eligible to apply under this component.

On the other hand, the component named Business

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