British Immigration Policies Ripped Apart By Nobel Prize Winner

In a significant and sensational development–which though may not be music to the concerned UK Immigration & visa authorities, and create much discomfort for them–a Nobel Prize winning scientist has issued a strong warning that the present brainless British immigration rules and regulations will seriously jeopardize the cause of the nation, and hold-back British scientific studies.

Sir Andrei Geim, the scientist–who reportedly shifted to Britain from Russia during the beginning of the 90s–obtained his Nobel Prize during 2010 when he made a chance discovery of graphene. It is made from unadulterated & pure carbon. According to the reports, at that time he was busy working at the University of Manchester, UK, along with a dedicated group of scientists–a significant number of who had allegedly shifted to Britain from China & Russia.

Graphene is very tough and light even as it could have uses in several domains with textiles & touch screen technology being just two such fields. The Nobel Prize winning scientist observed that–thanks to the existing visa & immigration regulations of the UK—the concerned immigration authorities would have denied permission, to stay in the nation, to both him and the members of his research team. The reason behind the same is an amendment made to the laws and regulations on the permanent residency status in the UK.

In April 2012, London amended the wage prerequisites for those people who would possess the eligibility for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in Britain. The then concerned immigration minister had observed that just those trained employees in the country, on the Tier II permits–who took home not less than £31,000 per annum, would, till they continued to cater to the residence conditions—would be in a position to file a petition for the ILR, post 5 years. Afterwards, they would be entitled to file a visa-petition for the UK citizenship. Those taking home less than the given sum would not have much of a chance to live in the nation.

The Nobel Prize winning scientist added that the government will conclude the hypothesis that acquiring residency rights is a favored choice for the migrants who arrive in the country, for employment purposes. He further said that the chance discovery of graphene–in all likelihood–would not have occurred, in case he had not been in a position and fortunate enough to make use of the wonderful and brilliant PhD students & post-docs from the non-EU nations.

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