Canada Committed To Providing Immigration To Skilled Workers

The country were committed to providing opportunities to qualified immigrants through various classes of skilled migration scheme. As per them, inward migration of trained expertise is always on the top priority for the economy of the country.

Today, in a high level meeting, the FTP ministers unanimously took a decision on designing and establishing a new innovative scheme that could help the country to find and select appropriately trained and experienced migration aspirants to plug the gaps in demand and supply of skills. The new system is based on the EOI or expression of interest concept. It is expected that this system will greatly change the way the Maple country looks and seeks overseas expertise, and it will help the authorities in establishing a proactive skilled migration which would be driven by the needs of the domestic labor pool, rather than relying on the available skilled labor resources.

The newly envisaged EOI policy is expected to take off from January, 2015. The Canadian government is quite enthusiastic about the success of this new concept (which has been partly adapted from Australia), and it is expecting that this system will have enough flexibility that will allow the federal and state governments and employers to seek and select overseas Skilled Workers For Canada Immigration. This would significantly bring benefits to the local economy and also improve the demographic composition of the domestic labor pool of the states and the country as a whole. The EOI system is expected to further stimulate the objective driven economic migration policy.

The Immigration ministers have agreed further to join hands to bring improvements in settlement system. As per the new drafted scheme, substantial changes will be made in the existing policies to encourage and to assist new entrants in settling down and integrating in the local environment more rapidly. The new policy will include provisions for overseas credential assessment and language skills evaluation, etc..

The new plans are being foreseen as an attempt to strike a balance in the need to define a flexible skilled migration system capable of addressing the requirements of skilled expertise in the labor pool and controlling the multitude of inwards migration. Another program objective of this intended scheme is to pave way for faster integration of new entrants into the local environment thereby, boosting the image of the Maple country as a credible Immigration destination for trained expertise.

The EOI will simultaneously co-exist with the PNPs. The PNPs provide a powerful tool to the state governments and assist them in addressing the state based structural labor deficit issues.

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