Canada Immigration Information You Just Can’t Do Without

Available reports suggest that the ‘Country above the US’, Canada — which boasts of one of the highest per capita rates of permanent immigration across the globe, at nearly 0.8% seen recently — is holding online consultation on the suitable levels of immigration. It is well known that this country is a hotspot for a large number of the would-be migrants, who throng the nation from practically all over the world. Canberra’s matchless appeal as an immigrant-friendly place is something which just tempts such migrants.

So is it any surprise that the destination in question continues to occupy a pretty high place in the list of top nations for immigration purposes? As this lovely country welcomes all — including temporary foreign workers and permanent residents — it further enhances its import, making the country Red Hot. According to a report, based on Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC)’s data, during the past 15 years, more than 3.5 million immigrants have been welcomed into the nation.

Aspirants wishing to work on a temporary basis there have the wonderful option to get a work visa or permit, which is issued by the CIC. Should the work permit be issued or not to the seekers – entirely depends on an offer of temporary job from a Canadian employer. It must be borne in mind that an offer made to a foreign worker must not only be real but it also must have an approval from the CIC — the concerned organization of the country.

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