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Canada Immigration Points System for Canada PR Visa

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Canada Immigration Points System for Canada PR Visa has undergone sizeable changes and under new strategy selection criteria will have revised parameters. The new policy envisages large scale reassignments and redefinitions which indicate at the shifting paradigm of Canadian authorities.


The new policy simply favors more and more younger people and grants maximum points to the people within age groups of 18 years to 35 years (inclusive) i.e. 12 marks. people aged above this preferred groups will be given a mark lesser i.e. people with age 36 will be granted 11 points and individuals aged 37 will score 10 marks and so on. Applicants 17 years or under and 47 and above will not be allotted any scores.

Language compatibility has been on top priority for Canadian authorities and to ensure entry of people with sufficient linguistic skills compatibility in one of the official languages i.e. English or French linguistic parameters have been linked to CLB and NCLC and the minimum levels have been pitched at CLB/NCLC 7 i.e. scores in language examination at

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par with CLB / NCLC 7 will be granted 16 marks i.e. 4 each for listening, writing, comprehension and speaking. People substantiating linguistic skills at par with CLB 8 will be granted 20 marks and CLB 9 will be scoring 24 marks.


In the linguistic section people substantiating appropriate linguistic skills at par with CLB/ NCLC 5 in second official language will get 5 marks. 5 marks have been allocated for spousal linguistic skills.


Academic accomplishments have also been allocated due priorities in the new system and for obtaining optimum scores you would need a positive evaluation advice from a designated independent Canadian assessment body. This step has been instituted into the policy structure to curtail usage and presentation of fraudulent documents and also assimilate academic accomplishments with the Canadian parallels.


People with 15 years of formal education (PhD and Masters) will be able to score 25 marks in Points System for Canada PR Visa, while a 15 years study will fetch 22 marks. People who have accomplished academic program


  • +14 years will get 20 marks
  • +13 years will get 15 marks
  • +12 years will get 12 marks
  • Secondary schooling will get them 5 marks


One element that has greatly been downgraded in new assessment itenary is the employment exposure in the relevant trade indicated in the request for Canada Immigration PR permit. From now on people having an employment exposure in the relevant profession (as indicated on their requests) equal to or more than 6 years will be able to score 15 marks. Migrants with exposure between 4 years to 5 years will get 13 marks. Individuals with 2 to 3 years of practice will get 11 marks and migration enthusiasts with a minimum of 1 year exposure will be able to score 9 marks.


If you are already having a qualified employment offer then you would be able to score 10 marks. The qualified employment offer means that confirms necessary HRSDC formalities of LMO


Additional factors clubbed as miscellaneous under Canada Immigration PR Point System include prior

  • Employment exposure will help you get 10 marks
  • Academic accomplishment will help you score 5 marks
  • Accompanying
    • spouse’s academic accomplishment in Canada will help score 5 marks
    • spouse’s employment exposure will help you fetch additional 5 marks and an employment offer will also grant 5 marks
  • Having a qualified relation on Canadian soil will also help you score 5 marks

The pass mark has been retained at the older level of 67 out of 100 maximum.

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52 Responses to Canada Immigration Points System for Canada PR Visa

  1. satbir kaur says:

    Sir i am 37 years old and hsving 15 years job in Department of posts,my husband age is 44 years and job in private ltd company as a accountant,my son age is 15 years,i want canada PR please guide me properly as soon

  2. vineet says:

    Good Evening Sir/madam. My Name Is Vineet and i am from punjab,i am 29 years old and i am commerce graduate. i have different experience of several fields like earlier i used to work at Wipro in New Delhi,i worked over there around 1 year and after leaving that job i worked at share market terminal and i worked around 1 year before it got closed. therafter,i started sustaining my father’s business of building material,as he expired last year so i had to wind up his business and i had to start working another job. and this time i came into pharmaceuticals and i have been in pharmaceutical sector since july 2013 and currently i am working for Emcure pharmaceuticals .
    my family consists me and my mother only and i want to move abroad in order to earn money as we are already under cumbersome debt so in order to take it off my shoulder i have to move abroad so i can pay all the debts which my father had incurred.
    please guide me if i can go to Canada under PR scheme.i will be really thankful to u

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