Canada to Offer Financial Help to the Newcomers in Saskatchewan

A recent report has revealed that the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada together have announced a new pilot project, which will provide financial support to the globally trained professionals migrating to this beautiful country with the purpose of obtaining loyment that best complements their talent and experience.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Access Fund (IAF) scheme is one of the first projects selected under the Canada Government’s Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Pilot. The Provincial government of the nation has provided to the IAF $450,000 for this project, while Federal government has contributed over $1.7 million and the Morris Foundation $100,000. The report said has also mentioned that the Government of Canada will invest $18 million over the 3 years period for projects to encourage skilled immigration throughout the nation.

Apart from providing microloans to the suitable clients, the IAF will work in partnership with immigrant-serving groups,

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