Canadian Immigration Applicants Must Know Government Processing Fees

Canada is one of the most sought after destinations for those who are looking for good work opportunities and better life style. Canadian immigration and citizenship department provides visa approval to the applicants under various categories, which includes visitor’s visa, work permit, student visa and so on. There are some specific programs launched by Canada immigration and citizenship department specifically for those who are skilled and able to work and live in country and support its growing economy.

Those who are willing to apply for Canada immigration needs to submit an amount as processing fee. Canadian Immigration Applicants Must Know Government Processing Fees, as it is important and mandatory part of the whole process. These fees can be submitted in local currency itself because most of the Canadian immigration and citizenship accept it in both forms Canadian currency as well as currency of the applicant’s country. The fees vary according the changes in exchange rates. Local embassy can guide you about the current values.

Application process fee is different for different countries and different programs. Fee structure is usually mentioned in four categories. The categories are-

  • For Americas
  • For Africa and the Middle East
  • For Asia and Pacific
  • For Europe

Processing fee is different for main applicant and dependant. Fee also varies according to the age of dependent. The age twenty-two is the judging factor for the processing fee according to country’s immigration and citizenship department. Dependants under the age of twenty-two have lesser fee when compared for the dependant above the age of twenty-two years. For example in India processing fee for the dependant over twenty-two years was 1,050.00 (CDN) 22,340.00(Rupees) and for the dependant under the age of twenty-two years was 550.00 (CDN) 6,100.00(Rupees) as previous data under the entrepreneurship visa program.

Fees do not vary only on the basis of age of dependant. It also varies from program to program. The visa application processing fees varies for different categories.  Federal Skilled Worker,   Federal Business Immigration and Federal Family Class Sponsorship all of them have different fee structure. It is important for you or anyone who is willing to apply under different categories of visa application. It is not just the application fee one has to pay, there are several other formalities, which requires immigrant to pay to Canadian government. Here are the categories under which an applicant has to make payments-

  1. Citizenship
  2. Applications for visas and permits
  3. Fees for applications to remain in Canada as a permanent resident
  4. Right of Permanent Residence Fee
  5. Other applications and services

The fee payment can be done via two modes either online or off line. If you are willing to make payment via internet then you need to have some specific technical facilities, which include-

  • A printer
  • PDF Reader software
  • A Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express® credit card, and
  • A valid email address.

These very basic things are usually easily available. Email ID and cards will help you to make payment while a printer is required for getting a printed receipt and application form after making online payment. Canadian immigration visa application fee involves significant amount of fees and therefore people prefer to hire immigration experts, consultants or lawyers before making these payments. A good immigration consultant can guide you through out the process helping you with everything thing from fee to form.

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