Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services

The people disheartened by FSW launch because it did not include their professions in current year scheme stand a good chance in the state based PNP schemes which are run independently by governments of various states of Canada. You can hire an expert migration advisor and collect credible inputs about the different Canada migration programs and the Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services they are providing to the migration enthusiasts.


Canada constitutes of 10 provinces and 3 territories and each of these regions has its own state centric requirements of labor force. Each of the states has an independent requirement list based on the shortages faced by the local labor pool of the specific province.

Experts like Abhinav have been focusing on these programs besides the federal migration initiatives to serve its clients. Our objective has been to provide a consistent service to the people as per their profile credentials. You may fit well into some of the schemes and you may not fit even distantly into others.


We always base our suggestions on the deep and broad perspectives that we are able to locate in the profile assessment of each of our individual clients. Under the current parameters that have been established by federal authorities and various states based on their state specific needs include various kinds of entry permits i.e.


  • Work permit – this is a provisional residential permit and is issued on basis of the employer requirements. The employer needs to get LMO from the HRSDC in order to hire an overseas worker. The employment giving concerns must also substantiate that they are not able to locate appropriately trained people through local sources and hence they must recruit sufficiently qualified workers from overseas resources.
  • Permanent residential permit – this is multi pronged route that focuses on multiple and diverse routes i.e.
    • Family class permission – Abhinav has been rendering unparalleled Canadian Immigration Services and support for the people filing for PR on basis of the sponsorship obtained from relations already residing in Canada as nationals or PRs.
    • Skills migration – this route has been bifurcated into several schemes and happens to be the biggest source of the inward migration of foreign nationals into the country. The people who gain entry into the country are granted PR status. You can obtain permanent residential permit on basis of federal skills and state based PNPs. The selection of the people under this category is done through a rigorous  profile evaluation process in which the profile of candidates are gauged on basis of their age, education, professional exposure, linguistic compatibility in either of official languages of the country, adaptability factors that include language skills of spouse in either of official languages of the country.
    • The Canadian Provincial Nominee  schemes have some additional stipulations that mandate fulfillment by all the applicants like some states have specific requirements like an on hand employment offer and/or relation with the state i.e. having some relation already residing in the state for which you intend to file for migration.
    • Business migration – this route has gained prominence and popularity among the applicants who are willing to shift their finances and business establishments to Canada. Under this class, several programs are run as federal initiatives and Canadian Immigration Provincial Nominee business schemes i.e.
    • Investing individuals – you are required to infuse a requisite amount into designated venues for a minimum stipulation period
    • Business owners – you must start your own business or procure an existing concern
    • Self employed professionals and farmers


You can seek our dependable Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services and assistance.

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