Canberra targets fresh law at employers of unauthorized personnel

Much perturbed over the rising cases of the hiring of illegal overseas workers in Australia, which seriously hurts the labor market of the nation, reportedly, Canberra has decided to take concrete steps to control the practice. In this context, Australia has made public a consultation on draft bill.


This is being done to shield the labor market of the country from those companies which allegedly deliberately hire unlawful labor force. As suggested by certain reports in this connection, the Immigration Minister of Australia has made public the consultation in question on the Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Bill 2012.


The said bill would substitute the Migration Amendment (Employer Sanctions) Act 2007 even as this is the current law. The chief improvement is likely to bring-in a deemed service stipulation even while it is likely to make it much simpler to act against the firms which participate in a series of events tailored to assist an outsider to be permitted or passed on for work, minus the necessary permission. The said provision is targeted to positively tackle the issue of fake contracting. A legislative shield, however, will also be introduced. Those who may establish that they carried-out the appropriate checks won’t be held culpable for an offence.


Meanwhile, talking about the move, Chris Bowen, the Australian minister was quoted a saying that the said bill is a vital component of the efforts of the administration to root-out unlawful work practices indulged in by some firms/job-providers and the suppliers/contractors of manpower to get an edge over competition. Unlawful workers weaken the reliability of the migration system of the nation, cut down on the existing opportunities related to work for the people of Australia, apart from leaving the vulnerable workers at the mercy of their employers.


The minister added that with a view to addressing fraud contracting deals frequently indulged-in to skirt the law, the bill in question extends legal responsibility to some third parties, even as it covers legal safeguards to shield those people who may want to corroborate the work rights of the outsiders whom they permit, and/or pass on for work.


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