A reputed US based organization has urged the American Congress to support legislation with a view to improve the figure of the H-1B Permits obtainable to the US industry. Allegedly, for every alien employed at an American group, an additional four workers are also added even as some high-trained professionals, such as engineers & scientists, produce such a high degree of innovation & work that extra work-opportunities ought to be generated to duly complement & support their attempts.

Hong Kong is one of the most prosperous areas of far east, and it has been awarded the title of one of the four Asian tigers (besides Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea). Owing to its reputation as one of the influential economies, HK has ruled the fascination of the people seeking rich opportunities for career and business. The authorities of this city state have also been quite keen on inviting skilled workers from overseas locations because the home grown population cannot meet all the skills requirement of the local labor pool.