Canadian Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Minister has declared that the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) rolled-out red-carpet welcome to an unprecedented 9,353 new entrants the last year. Commenced a few years back, in 2008, the CEC is a much preferred immigration choice for those world student graduates and qualified overseas manpower who have specialized, managerial and trained work experience in the country.


All is well when ends well. It is imperative for the investor to have a strong detailed knowledge of the investment prospects in the country. The EB 5 VIVA is the pleasant solution to the various problems. It happily invites the foreigners to invest in the schemes and which in returns helps both the parties to enjoy the benefits of the investment


Knowing Australia rules, regulations for PR helps. At the time of presenting your visa submission, be ready to cough-up the required charges, and to duly complete every form using English language. You also ought to have the official reproductions of the needed formal certificates/papers. Further, you may submit a submission for a PR Permit in the wake of having resided for 2 years in a Specified Regional Area in Australia & worked for 1 year in the parallel domains; received sponsorship, via the method of Regional Sponsored Migration.