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Opportunities and business programs

It’s a great place to start a business. The UK is very proud of being “a nation of shopkeepers” and private enterprise is actively encouraged. The excellent flagship unregulatedness of British private enterprise is so good that any individual can just declare themselves to be a company and instantly become a real company and can trade without hindrance in almost any line of business (although there are a few exceptions). There are different ways in which one can get to conduct business and stay in the UK. Let us now see what they are:-

The Entrepreneurs Program: Tier 1

The Entrepreneurs program is for those businessmen and self – employed personnel who intend to invest in the United Kingdom. This investment could either be in the form of starting a venture or taking over or investing in an existing business. An application is evaluated based on the Points Based System where in the points are known as “Attributes”. 75 points have to be scored for which the requirements include:

  • 25 points would be awarded for having funds worth £200,000.
  • Another 25 points are granted if this amount is controlled from one or more regulated
  • Financial institution only.
  • 25 more points for making this money disposable in the United Kingdom.
  • 10 points for good English language skills.
  • Funds maintenance would earn the applicant another 10 points.

Britain Spreads Extreme Dislike & Lies on Immigration, Claims EU President

The incumbent European Parliament president has reportedly stated that the discussion of the UK on the membership of the European Union (EU) is propelled by extreme hatred, lies, besides terror mongering about the visitors from Eastern Europe.

UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa

Bias against Eastern European Immigrants

He stated that many people in Europe and also in the UK are making efforts to generate new barriers between nations. He also criticized the widespread practice of rousing an emotion of terror over supposed benefits visitors from Bulgaria & Romania eager to pillage the social structure of the host nations. Checking access to gains for a maximum of four years for the migrants from the EU is a major component of the British PM’s proposals to rein in immigration to Britain.

European Parliament president stressed that the fact it is not possible for nobody to visit another Member State, minus a job and right away claim social gains. The fact is that nobody can for ever claim a right of residence, in case they lack adequate means and have no real possibility of getting a job. The fact is that nations gain from the mobile citizens of the EU.

Observations Arrive Post Meeting With British Premier

The remarks were made just hours post the president met with the UK PM to talk about a renegotiation of the UK’s association with the EU before Britain’s in/out referendum on Europe after two years, in 2017.

Despite the fact that the president did not condemn the British PM in open words, he did not hesitate from mounting an attack on the undertone of national anger in Britain’s talk on immigration, and asserted facts are 100% twisted.

Housing Support for Jobless British Migrants to Be Taken Back

UK Immigration

UK Immigration

In a not-too-positive development–from the British migrants’ perspectives–London is reportedly planning to adopt a rather tough stand on the issue of welfare. As a key component of the new UK immigration clean-up the national administration is fleshing-out a plan for taking back any housing help to aliens.

In this connection, the available reports suggest that sincere efforts are on to prevent the citizens of other countries of the EU to gain British welfare assistance. The current labor is being blamed of giving millions of pounds to outsiders, via offering them housing support. Via stopping the unemployed aliens any housing help, London will help guarantee that the misuse of the national welfare arrangement is stopped, or so it is claimed.

Latest Decree to Come Into Force from April

The fresh move will become effective from the month of April 2014 even while it arrives soon after a legislation to the British Parliament as per which only those people–who are in the country for not less than three months–will have the right to gain jobless benefits. It is also being claimed that individuals may not look forward longer to just arrive in the country, and get something for being idle. The object is to check that no unjust exploitation of the British welfare system takes place.

Are You In England on Tier 1 or Tier 4 Student Permit?

England on Tier 1 So you are in Britain with a Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Permit or perhaps Tier 4 Student Permit, or maybe you are doing a job, or have already discovered an opportunity in the country. Regrettably, several recruiters/job-providers are powerless, and/or not ready to proffer sponsorship to the workers from abroad.

If one has found an appropriate work opportunity, he may seek and get assistance to discover a

UK Immigration categories

uk-immigration-categoriesUK is known to be one of the most affluent countries in the world. Hence so many people are desirous of immigrating to UK. The UK government is too encouraging new immigrants with open arms. The rules and laws for UK immigration are specially devised to provide ample scope for people from all categories. This has made getting entry into UK comparatively easier than before. But even then, there are certain rules and selection factors which you are expected to complete.

In the past few years new categories have been introduced by the UK immigration ministry. One of the most important categories is the points based skilled immigration category known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program which was started in January 2002. This program has been very successful and UK government has made some modifications in it to introduce another program Tier 1 (General). This is the five-tier points based system.

Criteria for entering UK

According to the immigration UK rules, people can live in, work and go out and in of the country. Even people from other parts of the world are provided the facility to enter UK and also remain there. The criteria under which you can enter and stay in UK are:


  • Foreign spouse/partner
  • Visitor
  • Foreign students
  • Foreign pairs or nannies

These criteria’s provide you with stay for limited period in UK and the period varies depending upon the criteria under which you qualify. But since all the above cases are for temporary residence, ‘Entry Clearance’ is necessary.   The period may also vary depending upon the applicant group. For example, an asylum seeker or a refugee would not require entry clearance.

The 5-tier points system