Denmark Visa Process

Denmark, a well known member of European Union, is highly recommended place for education, work and business and entices students, professionals and businessmen respectively. A Denmark visa is the most important document, required to be carried when visiting the country for any of above reason. The applicants, who have great desire to obtain Denmark visa, need to fill application form carefully and also be well informed about the Denmark Visa Process, dealt by Embassy of Denmark located in the applicant’s country.


Of course, the fast growing economy of Denmark visa made it the most preferred immigration destination for businessmen and skilled professionals. Those who are keen to complete their higher education from Denmark will be elated to get numbers of options in terms of world famous universities and institutes. As far as Denmark Visa Process is concerned, it entirely depends on the types of visa which the applicants are applying for. The visa process for different categories has been discussed below.

Residence and Work permit

As the name suggests, the category is the most suitable for those who intend to stay in Denmark for more than 3 months, either for job or study.  The applicants have to apply for Residence and Work Permit visa to Danish Embassy from their native country. The amendment has been introduced in the cost of application for this visa program in January 2010, according to that the applicants have to pay the total price of 134€.


Short Stay Visa

In case of applying for short stay visa; an applicant needs to make sure that they will not stay in the country more than three months. Under Short Stay Visa category, the applicants are not eligible to get work permit in the country. The visa application for this process involves answering some questions by the applicants for mentioning a clear purpose of their visit. Moreover, the applicants need to provide valid proof to make their visiting purpose genuine and pay the total application cost of 60 € as per the amendment made in January 2010.


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