Electrical professionals under Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program

The most talked about program right now perhaps could be the Electrical Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program because when one looks at the point system in the past mark everybody is qualified. The guidelines remain one looks very closely as every occupation could be qualified.

The Hong Kong government introduced a scheme called the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program which is somewhat like a  quota based program which seeks to attract highly skilled  personal and talented person who’re fresh entrants not having the right to enter and to remain in Hong Kong to settle there to increase their economic growth and global competitiveness.

If we look closely into this program we came to know about the program is not aggressively   promoted by the Hong Kong government, rather it’s a matter of choice for the people who wants to go there through their Visa.

At any point of time, we would just be a residence and initially the Visa is given for a year and there are two extension of three year each and after seven years we would become the permanent residence but Hong Kong government does not offer as the citizenship as a the strict rule and regulation by their policy unless and until we make our firm decision about to stay there.

There are certain pre-requisite and many conditions which have to be followed by every applicant. These are basically their occupation. That is they have to involve in any IT companies, Banking sectors, Stock analyst, architecture, medical, accountants, and English language teacher.

All these applicants have to send their application to the concerned department and have to wait until their application is shortlisted. After that their application number would be put in the website and to be called for interview in the Hong Kong.

They have to go there for their individual interview on their sole responsibility and after that they would get their respective Visa to settle in Hong Kong.

Applicants who want to get the Visa for Hong Kong has to apply first to the concerned department by strictly following all the rules, guideline and prerequisite and after getting shortlisted they would have to appear for an interview in Hong Kong with their individual expense and responsibility to finally get the visa under this New scheme.

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