Eligibility for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Category

Basic health and character requirements needs to be fulfilled. Applicant needs to be proficient in English language. Knowledge of English language plays very essential role in the process. You should be able to prove that your business establishment will be beneficial for country’s economy. Applicant will also have to provide a proof of successfully established business in New Zealand. Business establishment should have been there for equal to or more than two years. One can prove that his/ her business establishment has been helpful to the New Zealand economy by displaying introduced or enhanced new or existing managerial or skill technology. You can also show any new product or service launched by your organization. New job opportunities, expanding export and business markets can also be used to prove business success and profitability.

Why Entrepreneur Visa Category

The reason why successful business people prefer this category is because it is a faster way towards attainment of a permanent residence in the country. They want to do business and gain permanent residency because of the good economical and liveable status of country.

Other Requirements for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Category

You have to be self-employed in a successfully established enterprise. You will have to transfer at least NZ$0.5 million to New Zealand, courtesy banking system. You will have to investment minimum of NZ$0.5 million in the business. You will have to create three new job opportunities in the country apart from already existing staff.

Visa approval process might take three to six months and an applicant should be able to wait for processing time period. As the investment is non-refundable it is suggested to apply under the guidance and supervision of an experienced New Zealand immigration consultant to avoid any loses or visa denial.

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