First Bunch of Canadian Federal Skilled Trade Permits Proffered

As per the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the first lot of fresh permanent resident permits has been given, via the latest Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). Reportedly, The incumbent and the ex immigration ministers gave red-carpet welcome to two lucky candidates
ing difficulties to obtain the prized permanent resident privilege, through the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

The given program is the Maple Leaf Country’s primary trained worker immigration scheme. Close-to 55,000 persons pocket permanent resident permits per annum, via the given arrangement, even as the same gives more attention to professional manpower, including scientists, accountants, besides medics.

FSWP hit tradespersons

The FSWP evaluated workers against a points-grid which gave substantial importance to a candidate’s higher education credentials. The said stress on academic qualifications signaled that tradespersons were on a sticky wicket when examined against the grid. It also denoted that national recruiters/firms, more so in construction field, were facing difficulties to locate the trained workers that they required.

The FSTP–unlike the previous program, i.e., FSWP–does not employ a points-grid to appraise the aspirants even while the same gives weight to the candidates’ employment experience, besides their trade qualifications.


With a view to sail through, the applicants need:

• An offer of permanent work from a Canadian recruiter/job-provider, or an official document of qualification from a national territory or province proving that they are ready, and in a position to work on turning-up;

• Fundamental language skills;

• Fresh employment experience of at least two years in their trade;

• Prove that they have the expertise needed for their trade in the applicable segment of the Canadian National Occupations Classification structure (to make the cut, the applicants ought to be duly trained in any of the 43 qualifying trades);

FSTP acts in response to industry demands for a quicker immigration arrangement

Allegedly, the fresh program responds openly to industry requests for a swifter and more efficient immigration system devoted particularly to trained trades professionals who may be much sought after right through the nation.


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