Housing Support for Jobless British Migrants to Be Taken Back

UK Immigration
UK Immigration

In a not-too-positive development–from the British migrants’ perspectives–London is reportedly planning to adopt a rather tough stand on the issue of welfare. As a key component of the new UK immigration clean-up the national administration is fleshing-out a plan for taking back any housing help to aliens.

In this connection, the available reports suggest that sincere efforts are on to prevent the citizens of other countries of the EU to gain British welfare assistance. The current labor is being blamed of giving millions of pounds to outsiders, via offering them housing support. Via stopping the unemployed aliens any housing help, London will help guarantee that the misuse of the national welfare arrangement is stopped, or so it is claimed.

Latest Decree to Come Into Force from April

The fresh move will become effective from the month of April 2014 even while it arrives soon after a legislation to the British Parliament as per which only those people–who are in the country for not less than three months–will have the right to gain jobless benefits. It is also being claimed that individuals may not look forward longer to just arrive in the country, and get something for being idle. The object is to check that no unjust exploitation of the British welfare system takes place.

It is also claimed that many people have already been prevented from obtaining out-of-work advantages until and unless

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