How Much Fee Will Be Charged For New Zealand Immigration Visa?

The fee for New Zealand immigration depends on the country of citizenship of the applicant. However, if the applicant is living New Zealand and applying for New Zealand immigration have pay the fee as given in the Band A of the fee scheduled of New Zealand immigration. However, in any other case, no matter which country the applicant is applying for NZ immigration, the fee would be charged on the basis of the applicant’s home country of which he is a citizen of. For eg: if an India applicant is applying for NZ immigration for London, he/she will have to pay the fee according to the C band which includes payment by Indian Citizenship.

The fee schedule for an Indian immigrant applying from outside of New Zealand is divided into categories of: Skilled Migrant – NZ$ 2400, Investor Plus- NZ$ 3990, Entrepreneur – NZ$ 3200, Family Category – NZ$ 1600, Refugee Family Support – NZ$ 800, Parent Retirement – NZ$ 3200, Any other residence – NZ$ 1600.

In order to know more about how much fee will be charged for New Zealand immigration visa as a whole, one can log-on to the official immigration website of New Zealand. For more assistance and details, it is also advised to appoint the services of a reputed and experienced immigration consultant. The consultant can give updated information on the payment and other such details and can give expert assistance on the immigration procedure. A consultant will take care of filing the application, documentation compilation and will also prepare the applicant for visa interview. However, one must beware of shady consultants who mislead applicants and take a lot of money from them on the pretext of immigration proceedings. Such malpractices are soon caught but it’s the applicant who suffers the loss of money and time. A consultant will also give the break-up of fee in US Dollar denominations for more convenience.

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