Immigration New Zealand not SME-friendly, Allege Business Owners

Some New Zealand small based business owners do not seem much happy with the country’s immigration system even as they claim that the immigration program run by the government is not very conducive to their overall interests. According to them, the answer to the scarcity of skills plaguing the nation lies in comparatively more steady visa processing; better integration between administration & industry; besides industry-centric training for immigration case managers. They add that even as the nation’s immigration policy isn’t actually preventing them from locating trained workers from abroad, ample scope for improvement on this score exists.

Meanwhile, an involved person reportedly said that it’s really hard keeping quality hospitality personnel in the nation–more so the restaurant managers. He owns a restaurant, and when one of his restaurant managers–a migrant with several years of experience in the line—allegedly submitted a petition before the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to restore her visa, the other day, she could not make much headway. Though she possessed a permit for two years, the concerned Immigration authorities bluntly refused her a fresh permit.

The restaurant owner was informed that the manager’s visa would not be renewed, as Work and Income (WINZ) had local people fit enough to do the job at hand, despite the fact that the said profession finds mention on the Immediate Skills Shortage List of the INZ. It needs to be mentioned here that those workers–who no longer possess a valid permit may—can duly submit a petition, under the law, for an additional permit.

He further said that although the administration regularly does study and come-ups with policy, the results do not offer relief to the aggrieved parties, or happens to be in disagreement–thanks to the existence of several layers of roadblocks between policy-making, implementation and actuality. He continued that the view among small businesses that offering sponsorship for work permits is hard and not correct though is incorrect. He narrated an incident in this context saying when he was recruiting a fresh account manager from Hong Kong, some time before this year; the INZ had made the entire procedure a cakewalk for him.

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