Immigration Policy Changes of US President Cause Chaos, Allege Critics

Unhappy with the immigration policy of the incumbent president of the US, some critics allege that whenever the president makes public a fresh policy related to immigration, a great deal of misinformation & uncertainty swirl around prior to the said policy becomes effective.


They add that the situation becomes worse when certain unprincipled immigration experts join the party and appear on the scene claiming that

and they have the authority to represent the case of their immigrant clients. In return for a huge amount, they promise their clients much even as they make false promises of a quick & easy legal immigration status to them (the clients).


The critics add that now–on the verge contentious DREAM Act-like delayed plan of action of the president, wherein some illegal migrants, catering to narrow requirements, could be qualified for a 2-year relief from exile—additional mixed signs have started erupting as to how young overseas people may conclude if they must really proceed further.


Such people–among a host of other requirements–should be below 31, should have been ushered into the US as children, should not pose a risk to the security of the country and/or public security, and should have clean records. Even as several advocacy associations have grabbed this opportunity with open hands, the fervor, time and again, has been toyed with fervent appeals to guard against crooks.


Reportedly, sometime back in the state of New York, fears about overseas people being taken for a ride were so widespread that the government had to step in and promise funds for a group of immigration attorneys to work with the immigrant groups of the state to support them on the issue of helping the migrants successfully maneuver the development.


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