Immigration Reform – changes in immigration policy

Australia has recently introduced major immigration reforms and immigration policy changes and Canada is also planning to bring in major changes in her immigration policies in Early 2013.


Immigration reform is the most popular word – widely associated with the changing of immigration policy and used in political discussion. To understand the immigration reform, we need to know firstly, what immigration stands for and why it is needed.


By the inception of the term globalization, every country focused on foreign investment as it emerged as the best deterrent to prosper economic growth and creating more employment opportunities in the country. Considering this, many countries came forward to tempt foreign investors and skilled professionals across the world by

due to introduction of new guidelines and many other changes. However, choosing an immigration agent in this case will create a win-win situation for you. So, it is an important thing that needs to be taken into consideration from your side before proceeding for immigration visa application. An immigration expert is known for making entire immigration process hassle-free.

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