Immigration to Australia Construction Project Manager

immigration-to-australia-construction-project-managerYour degree of a Construction Engineering can well be your passport for Australia and it comes under the code name – 133111.

ASRI ‘Australia Skills Recognition Information’ has asked for applications for the post of Construction Project Manager on SOL. All you need to do is to take route to Skilled Migration and make an EOI on Skillselect. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made provision of different visas for the skilled workforce outside of Australia. One can choose anyone of them to make an application. This however requires them to also go through a point’s test.

Skillselect will consider your Expression of Interest and perform a skills assessment of your abilities. This would include Academic qualification, work experience and proficiency with the official language. One must score at least 60 points to qualify for the next round. It must be noted that a Doctorate / Ph.d. will get you as many as 25 points and a Masters would bring you an addition of 20 points. Similarly an experience of over 8 years will get you the most points. It is therefore obvious that your score on Skillselect is a reflection of your over all eligibility

Commission, Office of Consumer and Business Affairs and Building Practitioners Board.

The Skilled Worker must also have Skills / Educational qualifications that meet specifications on ANZSCO Skill Level – 1. This includes a Bachelor’s degree on the specialised area of work or 5 years of relevant experience in the field. An on-the-job training comes good on the prospects on immigration. Immigration to Australia Construction Project Manager can be made possible under three different visa programs.

  1. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme under subclass-187
  2. Employer Nomination Scheme under subclass-186
  3. Standard Business Sponsorships under subclass-457

But, prior to making the EOI, it is suggested that you get an assessment done for your profile under VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services).

In order to get the work visa, it is important that you pay attention to different aspects on skilled immigration. This includes Skillselect,

Points test, SOL, Visa program, IELTS test, Licensing and Registration with the regional authorities.

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