Immigration to New Zealand

With the flip flop in Visa regulations through several phases, Kiwi government seems to have finally struck a right key note with a more stable platform that is destined to bring unparalleled benefits across. New statutes have been composed to speed up the relocation of quality people to this nation. Immigration to New Zealand is going to be more objective in coming years with adoption of the new framework and specific in wish list itenary. NZIS has made up a comprehensive schedule that would fuel the basic functioning of this new set up.

New Immigration system has been broadly categorized into 2 super classifications. Employment based and business visa. Keeping aside some ad-hoc arrangements under exchange programs and silver fern visa, employment based migration is more or less focused on occupations facing severe scarcity of trained manpower. It aims at providing a constant influx of expertise required to run the show in the desired trades.

Employment visa is obtainable for temporary and permanent purposes. You could get a job offer from a designated and a qualified employer based in New Zealand and apply for visa on make shift or under work to residence classifications.

There is a newly envisaged skilled migration category which needs you submit an intent document to the NZIS. Intent document will be within the premise of the trades in demand.

The other more prominent Immigration Statute being aggressively promoted by kiwi authorities to boost the overall investment and business scenario of the country are the entrepreneur and investors classes.

A review of Immigration Policies of New Zealand has been bought into effect from May 2011. In these new announcements authorities have tried with a renewed vigor to emphasize on inflow of money into country from external sources through the Business visa. The new classifications have been designed with a clinical perfection on the normal track and fast modules.

People with a sound financial background can strike it rich under new scheme for investors. Overall age limit for people aspiring to Migrate to NZD has been slotted at maximum of 65 years. You need to put in a requisite minimum amount into designated investment venue for a specified period.

A fast track class has been enacted for people with substantial investment ready funds. They need to put in their outlay for a much shorter tenure to get a permanent residence status.

If you have proven appropriate business background and intend to establish your own enterprise in country, you have brighter chances of making it to NZ without much fuss. A temporary visa is granted under a long term business class, which ultimately leads to permanent residency. By far this is most attractive opening for people to Immigrate to New Zealand.

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