Importance of Canadian National Occupational Classifications (NOC)

Canada Federal skilled worker Immigration- Importance of Canadian National Occupational Classifications (NOC)

Canadian immigration programs for federal skilled workers and professionals require the applicant to have experience in one or more of the occupational categories identified in the Ministerial Instructions. These occupations are listed in National Occupational Classifications (NOC).

Canadian National occupational classification (NOC) provides occupation specific information to policymakers, job-seekers, employers and Immigration and Visa officers. This information relates to occupational job titles, their duties and responsibilities and finally the educational, professional and trades qualifications that persons holding respective job titles are expected to perform.

The applicant is required to identify an occupation in which he is qualified to apply his application under the federal skilled worker class. The applicant must have has at least one year of experience – during the last ten years- in one or more occupations that appears on the prescribed list of occupations.

Over the years, NOC has become a major assessment tool in the hands of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada.

Prospective migrants not having at least one year experience in one of the prescribed occupations are not eligible to apply under the federal skilled worker category.

The applicant may however, may apply in two other categories.

But even while applying in either of the other two categories; he must still identify the NOC under which his immigration application can be processed.

Thus importance of NOC for the citizenship and Immigration Canada- as an assessment tool for applicants under federal skilled workers- is paramount and critical. In short, one cannot file an application under this category unless he identifies the right NOC category.

The official website of National Occupation classification can be visited at

The applicant should visit this site and identify the closest occupation – listed in NOC- whose requirements he meets. It is required that he performs or has performed majority of duties and responsibilities that are listed in the claimed NOC. The applicant might have many years of experience and hence would have worked on more than one positions and occupations. In such a case, he can also claim qualification in more the one NOC occupations. He however, ought to have worked for at least one year to claim assessment in any occupation.

As a critical step toward ensuring success of the immigration application under federal skilled worker program, it will help the applicants cause to prepare a resume that is specific to Canadian work environment. Such a resume can identify the NOC identified occupations that you qualify in and the relevant duties and responsibilities that you perform.

Been associated with the industry since 1994, I (To know more about me click here) feels that identification of correct NOC requires careful review and study of applicant’s credentials and qualifications. This means years of practice and knowledge of past precedents, especially in cases where the applicant qualifies in more than one occupation.

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  1. I really liked this site
    Thanks for sending useful information

  2. If I own my own successful internet company, would that qualify under “computer” classification?

  3. Self-employed can also file as skilled son long as they can submit the supporting documentation required for self-employed applicants. One main reason why self employed are advised (which is right advise) not to file in the skilled category is that the duties and responsibilities ( that form basis for qualifying) are self attested.

    Also just because you own a successful company may not mean that you perform computing duties and responsibilities.

    Send us your resume at and we will try and see possibilities open to you.

  4. I have 2 year diploma with 1year apprn. And 6 year experiane my trade is motor mechanic can i eligiable for fedral skill visa in canada

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