Importance of Educational Qualifications Assessment in Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration aspirants who have studied and completed academic pursuals in an overseas varsity must get the proofs of the qualifications assessment from a designated Canadian assessment agency. The assessment process involves establishing a correlation between your qualifications and the predefined Canadian standards for education. This actually means that even after carrying an extensive work experience in local environment of this country, you may not be deemed fit for employment in the trade you are intending to nominate in your application.

People pursuing studies, immigrants seeking entry through the federal skilled immigrant program – FSW, or workers seeking employment in the Maple country must go through a skills assessment process that evaluates their academic accomplishments and practical exposure and rates their qualifications accumulated out of the country. On being satisfied with the assimilation process and discovering that your qualifications match the predefined standards, the assessment body provides you a positive skills assessment advice.

Educational Credential Assessment proces

Students, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applicants and someone willing to take up a job in Canada would need to meet a process which will evaluate their education and work experience they have gained and acquired outside the country.

It is this process which will determine their eligibility to enter Canada by making a comparison of their credentials. However, one must understand that a mere evolution is not the sole key to get an employment in the country.

The process can began even before you arrive in Canada.

The documents

You need to submit your degree, diploma or any other certificate if you own so

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