Just In Time Canada Immigration System Fails

The famous Canadian “Just in time” Immigration system has flopped and failed to justify the faith reposed in it, or so it seems. Introduced close-to five years ago, the object behind the launch was to shore-up the Canada Federal Skilled Program. But, till date, the system–as mentioned before–has not performed well. It has, in fact, failed to relieve the employees through the program in question even as the time for processing also does not appear to be any lesser.

System’s Introduction

The Canadian Conservative regime had brought-in the plan to get rid of 1000s of petitions presented by trained aliens, despite the fact that it was believed to be a contentious move. The system had also introduced key improvements in the eligibility conditions belonging to particular vocations, and an upper limit was put on even the number of petitions that could be filed.

The immigration minister of those days had guaranteed that a decision would be taken inside a time-frame of 6 to 12 months of the presentation of the submissions. And the same would cover the presentation of the petitions, and also gaining an arranged job. The requirement of bringing in such a structure was felt, in the wake of taking a look at the labour scarcity of the nation, and also at the huge figure of job-openings, across a variety of trained vocations.

Processing Time

While it takes somewhere around 16 months to process a petition filed under the skilled occupation in Paris, it takes about 31 months to do the same in Los Angeles, the US. At one time the aspirants had to cool their heels for anywhere between 62 months and 97 months in certain nations, such as India & Pakistan.

Just In Time System

The Maple Leaf Country, reportedly, intends to make certain that it should not take over 6 months for the petition submitted via the said class to be duly processed. The regime also intends to have a robust plan to introduce Expression of Interest (EOI) plan during 2015 so that recruiters/firms may get hold of trained labor force

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