Know about Cardiology Technicians Immigration Requirements in Canada

Are you a qualified Cardiology Technologist from overseas, and wish to immigrate to Canada—the Land of Endless Opportunities–for work purposes, under the nation’s skilled worker category? If YES, you would be perhaps quite happy to note that the job scenario in this line of work in Canada is wonderful. Further, the nation requires professionals like you even as the list of 24 occupations qualified under the New Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) for 2013 mentions this profession.

Cardiology Technicians Immigration Requirements

The aspirants must have done a program of 2-year college diploma in cardiology technology even as duly administered & managed practical training is also essential. Registration with the concerned body, Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists, is also mandatory in every Canadian province, excluding Quebec.

Cardiology technologists: job nature

These top-notch professionals duly help the cardiac physicians in offering treatment to the patients suffering from the many disorders related to heart & blood. Though the job of such an expert depends on the specific domain of their expertise, their job profile necessitates creating crucial test reports for diagnostic cardiology for the doctors/general practitioners.

How much they earn?

Cardiology technologists earn handsomely in

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