Get to Know about Permanent Migration to Australia

Immigration to Australia is controlled and guided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The entrance to the country is divided in two distinct sections — one is the permanent and the other is the temporary. The permanent migration to Australia is the instrument through which the applicant having an intention to permanently settle down enters the country.

Within the purview of the permanent program, the applicants may opt for Migration program or Humanitarian program. All immigrants require strictly adhering to the Laws of the Migration Act which directs and control the entrance and exit of people from Australia.

Permanent Migration Program Description

Permanent Migration to Australia is a major instrument for making a permanent entrance into the nation by people from other countries. This program which encompasses more than 300 sub-classes visa also possesses a list of appropriate visa that are witnessed to be varying in accordance to the lawmaking and authoritarian changes. There are discrete rules for each class.

The family stream permits the migration of direct family associates of the citizens of the nation, permanent inhabitants. The entry is approved depending on the family affiliation and supportive relatives. It is pertinent to the spouse, parents, children or other allied family members associated with the migrant.

  • The Skills Stream. The prospect migrant should inevitably convince the point test. The migrant is required to possess the essential work related knowledge that is highly demanded. They may be designated by any particular employer who is convinced with the skill and the knowledge level of the migrant, or if he has considerable capital to invest in business, which would be beneficial for Australia and which would further augment its economic growth.
  • Special Eligibility Stream. It includes the earlier residents who intend to maintain a relation with Australia or who have a prominent status.
  • Under the Humanitarian Program, the immigrants are those who are nominated as refugee, through the authorized body. This may comprise of those who suffer harassment or significant prejudice which
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