Know about Visa Requirements for Canada Immigration in Detail!

Visa Requirements for Canada Immigration
Visa Requirements for Canada Immigration

Are you one of those who individuals who are motivated with Canada immigration? If YES, you should thoroughly consider the many available choices and requirements, prior to submitting a submission–as the various kinds of migrants; for instance, like qualified workers & entrepreneurs–have different visa requirements for education & work-expertise, etc.


Trained Workers Category

Qualified manpower from abroad may shift to the nation on the basis of their educational credentials, employment experience & English or French language expertise. An applicant may file a petition as a trained worker in case he already has duly arranged for work in the country; in case he has been residing in the country in a lawful manner for not less than 1 as a provisional overseas worker or student; or in case he happens to be a trained employee with not less than 1 year of experience.

The said work experience or skilled trade ought to be mentioned on the nation’s National Occupation Classification. Apart from the primary visa requirements, the aspirant should also possess sufficient financial resources to support himself when he turns-up in the Maple Country. Significantly, the Canadian province of Quebec has its own distinct immigration visa requirements.

Canadian Experience Category

One may file a petition under the said class in a situation wherein he happens to be a student from abroad, who went to school and did graduation from the Maple Country, or in case he already happens to be a temporary overseas worker residing in the country, in a lawful manner. The given choice is for those who wish transition—from temporary residency status to a permanent residency status.

Further, the candidate ought not to express a desire to reside in Quebec. As an overseas worker, he should also possess not less than two years of permanent and qualified work experience in the nation. As a student, he should have done graduation from a postsecondary establishment of Canada, apart from possessing one year of permanent & trained work experience in the nation.

Business Immigrants Category

It has three sub-categories, namely, investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Each class boasts of its own distinct requirements. For the Investor Class, the applicants ought to be experienced business individuals who intend to make an investment of not less than C$400,000 into the Canadian economy. Such aspirants ought to further possess not less than C$800,000 net worth generated in a lawful manner.

For the second sub-category, the entrepreneur category, the aspirants ought to also possess not less than two years of business experience, and not less than C$300,000 of legal net worth, and plan to own or administer firms/businesses in the country.

For the third sub-category, the Self-employed category, the applicants ought to nurse the desire to become self-employed in the country, apart from having experience which will make an important contribution to the nation’s athletic or cultural arrangements. The same covers farm management & rights. People keen to shift to the nation, as a business immigrant, should also be equipped with reasonably good language skills and successfully sail through extra security & medical barriers.

While we are on the issue, it would be pertinent to mention that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has come-up with a report in which it has disclosed its object to welcome anywhere between 240,000 and 265,000 permanent residents this year.

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