Passport and Visa–A Must!

Travel documents such as passports and visas are the most important documents to be carried, especially when you are traveling abroad. These documents hold proof of you being a citizen of a particular country. So, always give a second look to your documents before you touch them up inside your bags. Check to ensure that you have all the relevant documents.

Incase, you do not have a passport, we suggest that you apply in time to obtain a visa and leave for your trip on time. Each and every country has its own procedure for granting a visa. Hence, check with your Regional Passport office on the relevant procedure to be followed.

In some countries, clearing an interview is a must. For others, police verification is an important aspect. However, an application form has to be filed in all cases with the relevant supporting documents. You can hire the services of a passport agent for such purposes. Some countries also provide online application forms which could be submitted on the internet.

Ensure that your passport is valid for atleast six months before you travel abroad. You would not fancy being forcefully deported by the government of that particular country. With passport, comes the eligibility for a visa. A visa can be termed as a permit to enter and reside in a country on a temporary basis (depending on the type of visa). If you intend to travel to a country as a tourist, you would be granted a temporary resident visa.

Important points to be remembered while you travel are:

  • Check for the vaccines certified by the government of the specific country. Get vaccinated incase you are not. Carry the relevant documents certifying that you have been vaccinated for those specific diseases.
  • Always carry a separate photo id as well.
  • Inform the nearest consulate of the country incase your passport is lost or stolen.
  • It is better to keep your passport and other important documents safe in the hotel locker.

Above all, it is always best to seek the services and advice of a passport, visa or an immigration specialist or a consultant who is an expert in the matters of the above.

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  1. please comfrim me visa for work

  2. Confirm visa for work? You mean work permit? For that you need to reach out to international employers

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