Singapore Immigration – Process and Requirements

Consisted of 63 islands, Singapore is a geographically blessed country and one of the most exciting places for overseas immigrants in Asian continent. Singapore offers a bright future as well as good quality of life. Singapore has been receiving great compliments from immigrants for letting them find the better facilities and privileges, once they land on the soil of the nation.

Singapore is accessed by a large number of immigrants across the world due to its capability of serving them properly. The island country is considered to be an exotic place to stay and work for Indian citizens who can be found here in majority. People contemplating a desire of living and working in Singapore require being familiar with the Singapore immigration policy and requirements.

Singapore immigration can be made possible under several categories that include Investor Program, Landed Permanent Resident Program (LPRP), Professional and Skilled Worker Program, Creative and Talented People.

Among the above listed category, Professional and Skilled Migration is the most suitable category for a majority of people or common men. Many of the listed categories need substantial settlement funds, and qualifications as well as experience.

Moreover, Singapore immigration through the professional and skilled worker category can be possible into two important phases that include Employment Permit (EP) and Application for Permanent Residence.

Employment Permit (EP), it opens the doors of the nation for those who are a managerial staff or overseas professionals or owner of Singapore corporate. The assessment process for this is done by considering the profiles of both employer and employee.

Permanent Residence, depending on the type of permit, one can initiate the procedure in 6 months to 3 years. The applicant needs to submit their salary statement along with the application, before six months. Your application will be evaluated by taking into consideration of several factors like Job profile, financial position, qualification, character, employer’s profile, duration of your stay in Singapore while being on entre permit.

Entrepreneur Permit, came into existence in 2004 with the main objective of targeting the overseas entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurs Permit mainly serves those who are planning to set up their business in Singapore.

The permit can be easily obtained by revealing a business plan that must not be in more than 10 pages must satisfy several things like business track record, goal, set up an organization registered in Singapore and more. The said permit is extendable with the validity of 1 to 2 years and issued depending on the wages provided to the applicants.

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