Some Useful Info on Australian Sponsorship Visa-subclass 457

For going abroad, for any reasons, a person needs permission from the respective government of that country. The official name of that immigration certificate is known as Visa. Often, there is a misconception that applying for a visa, or even getting a visa, always means entry to the country.

The decision of allowing a traveler or a foreigner is completely dependent on the government of the land to which the person may wish to migrate. But applying for the visa, and getting it in hand, before traveling abroad, is mandatory. Now people have varied reason to travel. The 457 Sponsorship Visa is one particular type which is under the category of sponsorship visas falling under the subclass of 457.

The said visa is most appropriate for those applicants who are employees — either in Australia or come from other places and work in the country temporarily. The clause for the said visa includes the fact that skilled employee working in the nation should be sponsored.

The 457 Sponsorship Visa is more widely known as the Temporary Business-standard Business Sponsorship Visa (subclass 457).

Conditions for this visa

  • Visa holders are liable to be employed from day one to four years.
  • Family member who accompanies the applicant is eligible to get work and study rights, without any restrictions.
  • No limit on the number of times one travels from Australia to another place outside the continent and comes back.

457 Sponsorship Visa Advantages

Any person who wants to work as employee should have the permission from the Australian Government. But the basic difference of this visa from others is that persons who want to employ workers in the nation should sponsor the workers. Even workers can sponsor there own selves. There are provisions for changing sponsorship also.

The 457 Sponsorship Visa is a temporary resident visa and valid for a maximum of four years. So, those who want to change it to Permanent Resident Visa should apply for that separately, and fulfill the conditions required to apply for permanent citizenship. This visa is just perfect for those willing for long term business.

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