South Australia Skilled Immigration Opportunities For Aspirants

South Australia Skilled Immigration program is in news because of its enhanced state based required trades scroll – the SNOL. Recently the authorities of the province appended 18 occupational references. The authorities are quite positive about the skills migration from overseas because of 2 primary reasons, namely, the overseas skills migration helps them to address the critical issue of structural labor deficit in the state based labor pool and the overseas expertise helps infuse fresh talent into the labor pool.

The influx of foreign workers has proven to be a boon for a country like Down Under. This country faces a severe scarcity of trained expertise primarily because of dwindling demographic composition.

The state of SA also faces a similar situation and to counter it the authorities actively participate in the Skilled Immigration initiative. The province selects and nominated the willing applicants for subsection 190 permanent and subsection 489 on the basis of the state centric requirements. The terms and conditions of the selection have been clearly defined in the SNOL. If you are willing to migrate to this Australian province, then you should explore the SA SNOL and start preparing for placing your request on the SkillSelect. Alternatively, if you face some tricky issues in dealing with any of requirements of SA skills migration program, or if you wish to seek more simplified elaboration on any of the issues connected with SA skills migration, you can approach us for a comprehensive support.

  Currently, the South Australia Skilled Immigration Program revolves around the 238 professions illustrated in its SNOL. The trades selected indicated in this tabulation are categorized as either in classification of high availability (critical shortage), medium availability (fair number of personnel needed), low availability (personnel are required but the shortage is not alarming) and special conditions apply (these trades seek personnel from specified categories of migrants or are reserved for a specified immigrant category). You can either obtain detailed elaboration on these categorizations from the official portal of SA or you can approach any of our expert migration consultants and obtain a free one off advice.


The status of each of the unit references For South Australia Skilled Immigration Opportunities is as indicated

  • Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators – critical to fair shortage
  • Specialist Managers – most codes experience critical to fair shortage
  • Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers –             most codes experience critical to fair shortage
  • Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals   – most of codes reserved for specified categories and some have critical shortage
  • Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals – most codes experience critical to fair shortage
  • Education Professionals            –  most have critical shortage
  • Health Professionals – most have critical shortage
  • ICT Professionals – available with special conditions
  • Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals – have high requirements for most of codes
  • Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians  – most have critical shortage
  • Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  • Construction Trades Workers – critical shortage
  • Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers – critical to fair shortage
  • Food Trades Workers – critical shortage
  • Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers – critical shortage
  • Other Technicians & Trades Workers – critical shortage
  • Health & Welfare Support Workers – critical shortage
  • Sports & Personal Service Workers – critical shortage

You can approach us for detailed elaborations and comprehensive support on skills migration scheme of SA.

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