Tier 1 (Investor) Visa to gain UK Citizenship

The Tier-1 category of visa is for individuals who are high-valued customers in the UK.  These include investors, entrepreneurs and highly skilled graduates. The Tier 1 (Investor) Visa to gain UK Citizenship is based on qualifying categories. This mostly depends on the investment. Hence depending on their period of stay, the individual could apply for citizenship to the Border Agency.

The investor, once after obtaining the Tier-1 visa has many responsibilities. The amount invested in obtaining the visa should not be invested in the properties. The residence period of the individual is 2 years if he has money of at least £10 million. Else he should own personal assets with a value of at least £20 million.

The residence period is 3 years if he has at least £5 million or assets of at least £10 million. The continuous residence period is 5 years if he has at least £1 million. Else he should have personal assets of £2 million. Moreover, the person should have a certain disposable income available at all times. Thus the person should satisfy all these criteria for settlement.

Depending upon the period of settlement, the person should not stay out for more than 180 days. The partner of the investor could also apply for a settlement alongside. This is possible if the dependent has stayed with for more than 2 years in the UK. Hence, the person could apply for citizenship for as long has he satisfies immigration rules.

The person should have completed the stipulated 2, 3 or 5 years of stay. Only after this period could the person apply for settlement. Tier 1 (Investor) Visa to gain UK Citizenship regulations could be referred through the border agencies. They are licensed professional bodies that work with the immigration department. Hence, they are apt in the upcoming and new policies and regulations.

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