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uk-immigration-categoriesUK is known to be one of the most affluent countries in the world. Hence so many people are desirous of immigrating to UK. The UK government is too encouraging new immigrants with open arms. The rules and laws for UK immigration are specially devised to provide ample scope for people from all categories. This has made getting entry into UK comparatively easier than before. But even then, there are certain rules and selection factors which you are expected to complete.

In the past few years new categories have been introduced by the UK immigration ministry. One of the most important categories is the points based skilled immigration category known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program which was started in January 2002. This program has been very successful and UK government has made some modifications in it to introduce another program Tier 1 (General). This is the five-tier points based system.

Criteria for entering UK

According to the immigration UK rules, people can live in, work and go out and in of the country. Even people from other parts of the world are provided the facility to enter UK and also remain there. The criteria under which you can enter and stay in UK are:


  • Foreign spouse/partner
  • Visitor
  • Foreign students
  • Foreign pairs or nannies

These criteria’s provide you with stay for limited period in UK and the period varies depending upon the criteria under which you qualify. But since all the above cases are for temporary residence, ‘Entry Clearance’ is necessary.   The period may also vary depending upon the applicant group. For example, an asylum seeker or a refugee would not require entry clearance.

The 5-tier points system

This immigration UK system covers all the criteria such as study, highly skilled work and training immigration. It was started in 2008 and in the same year it introduced Exceptional Talent Visa replacing Tier 1 (General) for highly skilled migrants.  People who have entered UK through Tier 1 visa can get an extension of this visa and people who have got visa through other categories can switch over their immigration UK visa category to Tier 1.  Lately Tier 2 has been replaced by Tier 2 (General) which is a realistic immigration program especially for skilled workers intending to enter and remain in UK.

UK being a developed nation, it is but natural for everyone to seek for its visa. Nowadays all the latest updates related to UK immigration are available online. You can check the official website of UK-ministry of immigration to get some insight into the immigration process. Just as you are intending to move to UK for earning more income and living a better lifestyle, similarly, UK is also ready to welcome foreign people to its land so that these newcomers can contribute in the economical growth of the   country. So the basic requisite for winning an entry in UK is to be either highly qualified or skilled in particular occupation. So, equip yourself with some good qualification or skill to get an entry in UK.

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