A New ‘Start Up’ Visa for Immigrants Entrepreneur

Canada’s new Economic Action Plan 2012 reveals lots of things to modify its economic system – start up visa for immigrant entrepreneurs is a highly anticipated step, revealed by Citizenship and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenny, to draw the attention of a large number of entrepreneur immigrants in the country. It is termed as the most important step in economic growth prospects –as such immigrants offer their active participation in economic development through their business and also erase unemployment.


The latest announcement in a series of Minister Kenny has structured with wonderful goal of making Canadian immigration system more active, fast and flexible for entrepreneurs and removing all the hurdles that come on their way of immigration. Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 exposed the government’s effective plan of providing support to investors, businessmen and many such classes by introducing a hassle-free immigration plan focusing on more investment opportunity in the country.


CIC (Citizenship and Canada Immigration) reveals its full proof plan to welcome more investors and entrepreneur – intends to develop start up visa plan with the help of industry association – the aim is quite clear, to establish a link between immigrants and private sector organization in the country. The proposed change called ‘start up’ is fostered with a great aim of introducing short-term program – under the Economic Immigration class. Under the said plan 2,750 applicants per year will be granted to access the Canadian territory – their tenure will end after 5 years.


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